Midway through my first quarter philosophy class I posed the question to students: “Is there one innate intelligence or two in the development of a fetus?” That is, does the fetus have its own individual innate intelligence or does it “share” the mother’s? After a day of discussion the class was divided. The purpose of the question and subsequent discussion was to give the students a better understanding of what exactly the innate intelligence of the body is. The student at this point usually understood the innate intelligence within the frame of reference of his or her pre-chiropractic education in philosophy, science, religion, or the humanities. The discussion served the very valuable purpose of correcting their perspective.
It is an accepted or an a priori fact that there is innate intelligence within the fetus. The developing fetus is perhaps the greatest demonstration of the principle of life that is the basis for the practice of chiropractic. Is the innate intelligence of the fetus the same expression of life that is within the mother or is there a principle of life within the fetus expressing itself independent of the innate intelligence of the mother? If there are two separate expressions of innate intelligence, (ii) then we must conclude that they are in “communication” because the functions of the fetus and the mother are so closely interrelated. Yet we know that there is no such thing as communication between innate intelligence. Contrary to the belief of those who practice a certain technique, communication is not possible. “Innate Intelligence is limited by limitations of matter.” -Stephenson. There can be no communication between two separate ii. We are left then with two possibilities: 1. There is one overriding principle _ that is, innate intelligence expressing itself through a unique unit of matter, namely a “mother-fetus”. 2. There are two principles of life being expressed through two different units of matter. The latter position offers some real difficulties. First, if there are two separate ii we would have a constant battle between the mother and the fetus for supremacy. We know the innate intelligence of the body will never do anything to harm the tissues in which it resides, therefore, the innate intelligence of the mother would not stand for the baby’s innate intelligence robbing it of vital nutrition e.g., calcium from the bones and teeth. The development of a fetus into a healthy newborn is a tremendous strain on the well being of the mother. Her innate intelligence would not tolerate it unless that developing fetus were a part of her, expressing the same innate intelligence. As part of her body, at least for a period of nine months, her innate intelligence will make sacrifices elsewhere (teeth and bones) to preserve the development. At the moment the umbilical cord is cut that new little baby begins to express its own innate intelligence because the matter of the baby and the matter of the mother are separate. Here is the key. To understand the ii, we have to look at the matter. That is always the key. Inasmuch as we only understand ii by perceiving the matter through which it expresses we must consider the matter in this case. Where does the fetus end and the mother begin? Is the umbilical cord and placenta part of the mother or part of the fetus? They are all parts of the whole. Two examples may help to clarify our understanding. In Siamese twins are there two ii’s or one? Obviously, to be consistent we would have to say that there is one innate intelligence expressing itself through a unique organism. That organism may have two nervous systems, two brains, four kidneys, and two hearts. The amount and the arrangement of the matter does not affect the ii. The ii of a one celled amoebae is the same as the ii of a human being. The ii of the human being just has more matter and has it arranged differently. If those twins are successfully separated then we have innate intelligence expressing itself through two separate organisms. One last example which is the exact situation of the developing fetus. Years ago the minister of our local church grafted a pink dogwood and a white dogwood together. He really enjoyed seeing the expression on peoples’ faces in the spring when they saw a half-pink and half-white dogwood tree growing in his front yard. He had taken two trees, (each with its own ii), grafted them together, and created a new organism with ii. This ii expressed itself through the entire tree, part of which bore pink flowers, part of which bore white. This example brings up a final point regarding the innate intelligence of the “mother-fetus.” At the moment of conception, when the ovum and the sperm unite, there is a new organism, separate and distinct from the mother (although within her body) with its own individual ii which is technically called “cellular intelligence.” If and when that fertilized egg implants in the uterine wall, it no longer expresses a separate ii. It is once again part of the mother and the ii of the mother’s body is expressing itself through that unique bit of matter and will continue to do so for the next nine months. The innate intelligence of the body is a principle, a law which expresses itself through living matter. It is important that we understand what it is and understand what it is not in order to be the most effective chiropractors we can be.

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  1. David Suskin 04/29/2015, 11:50 pm:

    There are no nerves that travel through the umbilical cord. How does one explain the ii of the mother being the ii of the fetus?

    • Claude Lessard 04/30/2015, 11:19 am:

      Joseph mentioned before that an infant is selfish and doesn’t care whether she cries, make dirty diapers or make a mess through projectile vomiting on aunt Tess new dress. Is the fetus selfish as regard to its environment in the womb of the body of the mother… Thoughts?

  2. David Suskin 04/30/2015, 1:06 pm:

    I’ve heard expecting mothers say, ‘God, this baby has to come out, it feels like there’s a parasite in me!’
    So, based on there being NO interconnecting nerve (umbilical), and baring no other vehicle (blood, etc.) These are separate lives. Fetal dependent, but Selfish (as per example above), so 2 Innates in utero.
    Hard to imagine a switched is flipped, 1 innate umbilical not cut, 2 innates when cut, with 2, from basically the gitgo, separate lives (ii’s?)

    • Claude 04/30/2015, 2:55 pm:

      Is it the innate intelligence of seed of the cucumber that grows it into a cucumber or the innate intelligence of the garden in which it is planted?

  3. David Suskin 04/30/2015, 2:59 pm:

    The cucumber.
    If I understand correctly, Joe’s written about this. He disagree’s,
    stating that innate intelligences are combative, trying to survive for self, therefore in mother/embryo >> mother’s ii is the ii of the fetus, till it’s born? I disagree, and you disgree. Agree?

    • Claude Lessard 04/30/2015, 5:34 pm:

      I don’t disagree, nor do I agree. I asked the question: Does the innate intelligence of the living tree is controlling the function of the fruit or is the innate intelligence of the fruit controlling the function of the fruit? obviously apart from the tree, the fruit dies. Yet apart from the mother, the fetus lives. What are y’all thinking? šŸ˜‰

  4. David Suskin 04/30/2015, 6:09 pm:

    As an aside:
    Innate Intelligence busy at work?
    Educated busier at work šŸ™‚
    Innate Intelligence emerging from Universal Intelligence expressed in the right kind of matter at the right time under the right conditions?
    A cell is the unit of Life
    Our cells have been unified by an organizing principle that allows them all to work together supporting themselves, adapting to universal forces (chemistries that create energy and byproducts that build and destroy structure), Thus the need for detoxification and excretion and assimilation and adaptation and growth.
    The Nervous system, is a CELL that is the essence of our life, harboring innate intelligence communication. All other systems support the biochemistry of it’s cellular and Living existence.
    and/or it’s Abiogenesis, a perfectly timed e/material matrix moving in an intelligent direction.
    Sorry to get off topic.
    Coltrane says, when I get started in a solo, I can’t stop. Miles says, Just take the horn out of your mouth. oops šŸ˜‰

  5. David Suskin 04/30/2015, 6:21 pm:

    I forgot reproduction (my bad).
    OK, Abiogenesis explains creation. UI and II explains maintaining
    Interesting that the nervous system is ectoderm, which is the skin, which is the membrane of the cell. The increase in cell membranes (mulitple cells), brought about the need for increased organization, eventually with a central life (organizing), structure, The Nervous System, the heart and soul of our Life forms (man specifically – soul)

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