We don’t mix because we choose not to mix. It is not because we are too stupid to diagnose or too lazy to perform certain procedures. It is not because we cannot afford modalities or because some therapeutic procedures are esthetically distasteful to us. It is not because we blindly follow an ideology or worship at the feet of a cult figure. It is definitely not because we have never given any thought to the value of non-chiropractic procedures.
We practice straight, unmixed chiropractic because we have concluded what is the sum total of the practice of chiropractic. We have not arbitrarily delineated it as such or accepted it as such because B.J. said it! No, we have thoroughly investigated, examined, and reasoned out our position. By sound, logical thinking we have concluded what our objectives are and have excluded everything outside the practice of chiropractic. We have rejected all else because an understanding of chiropractic rejects the thinking outside it and therefore precludes the incorporation of extra-chiropractic procedures.


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