Watching the evolution of this profession for the past 22 years has caused me to draw some conclusions:
1. The colleges are not going to save our profession. Most of the schools have been forced to compromise chiropractic in order for survival. Those that have not compromised have all but given up the idea of turning this profession around.
2. The political organizations won’t save the profession. Well, maybe they’ll save the profession but they don’t seem to be very interested in saving the principle which is the foundation for the profession. v3n3
3. Charismatic leaders and strong personalities only seem to further divide the profession and obscure our purpose.
The only thing that can make a difference is thousands of chiropractors understanding what chiropractic is and realizing the importance of correcting subluxations and how everything else pales in significance when compared with accomplishing that objective. That can only occur through an understanding of the philosophy. There are too few publications out there that are publishing information related to the philosophy of chiropractic. We need a dozen more publications like the Pivot. The number of chiropractic authors who consistently publish articles on chiropractic philosophy can probably be counted on one hand. We need more! v3n3 

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