My desire is to correct subluxations. I do this for no other reason than because they are a detriment to the well-being of the human organism. I do this not out of dedication to a person or belief system. I do it because reason dictates it. I guide my professional life by a set of standards I call principles. I will not abandon those principles.
I will not change to join the majority, the mainstream, or those who adhere to what is commonly called “accepted thought.” Quite frankly, those groups have never impressed me as being very principled, as living by the strength of their convictions, or as being very often right.
I cannot be bought off with money, whether it be high fees or the promise of insurance dollars. It is not that I am opposed to making money in chiropractic. I enjoy acquiring money. But not at the cost of compromising my integrity or my ideals. Everybody has something upon which they will not put a price. For me it is the principles with which I govern my life. If I have to practice without those principles in order to be rich, I would rather be poor.
I will not conform to the medical model that some in the profession are trying to force upon me. If others desire to practice in that manner, that is their prerogative. I will not. It conflicts with my philosophy. Threats, legal action, or broadened state laws will not change me. I may break but I will not bend. No, you heard correctly, I will not bend. My philosophy is uncommon. Those that oppose my manner of practice may succeed in making illegal the way I practice. I will fight them every step of the way. I will not bend, compromise, or accede to that which is in conflict with my principles. In the end they may win. If and when that time comes I will close my doors and accept the situation with the same integrity and dignity I now conduct myself. There are many ways to earn a living. I can be broken but I will not bend. As dear and precious as practicing chiropractic is to me, the thought of practicing without principle would never be a consideration. I could not do it.
I am a straight chiropractor. v3n4

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