An interesting television program, of which I only caught the last few minutes, was broadcast the other evening. It was a documentary on alcohol and drug abuse. There was one especially interesting point brought out. Doctors evaluating alcoholics have heretofore realized the effects of alcohol on the liver, but recently they have come to the realization that alcohol effects every cell of the body. It is just that the most obvious effects occurred in the liver. Now we could have told them that! Our chiropractic philosophy teaches us that every cell is related to and dependent on every other cell, and that what affects one affects all. Hopefully, medical science will begin to apply this principle that they have noted with regard to alcohol abuse to all diseases.
I am not implying that alcoholism is a disease but if they (the medical profession) believe it is and they see this principle demonstrated in alcoholism, will they logically conclude that it is applicable to other diseases also? I doubt they will. But if by some chance they do, they will come a little closer to recognizing the concept of DIS-EASE and understanding the effects of nerve interference due to vertebral subluxation upon the human organism.
We chiropractors do not relate to disease as part of our professional objective nor the effects of disease upon the entire body but there are principles applicable to us. The important principle in chiropractic, too often overlooked with our “pressure on the nerve, Meric Chart mentality” is that nerve interference does cause DIS-EASE and DIS-EASE is a state in which every cell in the body is affected negatively. Those of our profession who practice upper cervical specific technique are a constant reminder to the rest of us of that principle. I hope we always have the HIO practitioner to keep us from falling into the “this bone is out, putting pressure on this nerve, going to this organ, causing this problem” trap. A subluxation affects every cell in the human body! We need to keep reminding ourselves that we deal with individuals in a state of DIS-EASE. v3n6

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