Chiropractic Apologetics, Part III


Obviously, it is not possible to condense the philosophy  of chiropractic  into a short essay.  If it were, it would not  need to be taught in six trimesters, and B.J. would not have had  to write volumes of Green Books.  But if there is one philosophi cal  concept  that separates straight chiropractic  from  every thing else, it is that the innate intelligence determines what  is normal for the organism and not the educated intelligence  of the person.  This concept represents the uniqueness of straight chiropractic. Every therapeutic procedure depends upon estab lishing a norm, a standard, or a range and then attempting  to conform  the individual to that  standard by some  procedure.  In straight chiropractic, we do not condemn that approach.  In fact, we recognize that at times it may be necessary. However, it is always inferior to allowing the innate intelligence of  the body  to  do  the job. It is only when  the  innate  intelligence cannot perform that function, due to limitations of the  matter that it has to work with, that an educated mind is called upon to  try to fulfill that task.  This is the legitimate  practice  of medicine.  Furthermore, if the wisdom of the body is  capable of  fulfilling  that  responsibility, it is foolish  to  attempt  to usurp  that  authority, especially by a wisdom  (the  educated mind)   that  is  admittedly  inferior.  Chiropractic  does  not involve  itself  with  an inferior approach  to  addressing  the problems  of  the  human  organism,  not  only  because   that approach is inferior, but because there is already a branch  of the  “healing  arts”  that  has assumed that  approach  –  it  is called  the  practice  of medicine.   Whenever  a  chiropractor attempts  to conform an individual to a standard, level,  or  a state  which  has been established by someone other  than  the innate  intelligence of that individual (either “science”  or  the doctor himself), he is assuming a lesser role in the health care delivery system and also elevating that inferior approach to  a higher position, which it does not deserve.

One of the most confusing things to a straight  chiropractor,  and  I would imagine to the public also, is how  a  chiropractor  can  criticize the practice of medicine on  one  hand, and  then  emulate the practice of medicine on  the  other.  If imitation  is the greatest form of flattery, most  chiropractors are paying homage to medicine all day long in their offices.                 

The  issue of diagnosis, which appears to be the focus  of conflict between straight chiropractic and mixing chiropractic is  at  the foundation of this idea of  educatedly  establishing norms  for the body.  A diagnosis is literally a  determination that  an individual has departed from an  educatedly  deter mined standard.  Its use is solely a prerequisite to  instituting action necessary to bringing the individual back to the educat edly   determined  standard.  Straight  chiropractors  do   not attempt to bring people to any educatedly determined  stand ard;  that  is the practice of medicine.  Even in  the  area  of subluxation  correction,  the chiropractor is giving  the  innate intelligence  of  the body a force with which it can  bring  the spinal  vertebrae  back to an innately determined  standard  – normal.   That  is why we do not adjust spines,  we  introduce intelligent  (hopefully!)  forces.  That  is  not  semantics,  but represents  a  mind-set.  If we think we  are  doing  anything else,  like  putting  the bones where they belong,  we  are  off purpose  and  will  soon be practicing  other  than  a  straight chiropractic objective.

If  every  chiropractor  would  truly  understand   the concept   of  normal  (innately  established)  and   average (educatedly  established)  and how one represents  the  ap proach to health care and the other an approach to disease care,  it  seems inconceivable that he/she would  choose  to practice  a limited, outdated approach that is only  benefi cial  to  a very few when he/she could practice  a  modern approach that is beneficial to everyone. v6n6

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