There  is  an  alarming  trend  in  chiropractic  today  to abandon our unique chiropractic terminology.  Much of it  has come  about  by the desire of many in our  profession  to  get into mainstream medicine. However, there is another  tendency within  the straight chiropractic community. Instead of  aban doning  our  unique terminology, some  decide  to  incorporate other terms. There is a need to keep theological and  religious terminology  out of our chiropractic vocabulary,  because  God and universal intelligence are not synonymous, nor are the soul and  innate intelligence. Often we incorporate other  terms  in an effort to more clearly communicate our message, but it has the  opposite  effect. It confuses people. Sometimes we  do  it because  we  are  lazy. It is easier to use  words  that  people understand,  rather than teach them new vocabulary.  However, it hurts chiropractic when we do that

We need to consider chiropractic’s unique terminology.  Other  people are beginning to speak chiropractically.  The medical   profession  and  people  like  Bernie  Segal   and  Norman  Cousins are beginning to talk  about  chiropractic matters  and chiropractic philosophy. These  other  profes sions   have their unique terms. We must be careful not  to be drawn into their terminology, even if it clearly  resem bles  our  chiropractic  concept.  Many  other  groups   are beginning  to  realize the chiropractic  truth.  (Where  they have  been  all these years, I do not know.)  Much  of  our terminology,  however, needs to be cleaned up so as not  to associate  chiropractic with them. An example is the  term, _Life  Force.   _Here  is a term we have  used  for  years   to mean  the mental impulse created in the innate  brain,  by the  innate intelligence of the body, which  is  transmitted over  the  nervous  system. But Life  Force  has  become  a catch  word  of  much of the  New  Age  movement,  with which  straight chiropractic should not be   associated.  To keep its objective, straight chiropractic must not be  mixed or  associated with anything, including New Age,  religion, medicine, or wholistic health care. All of these have  other objectives.  Words are meant to clarify thought. When  they cease to do that, and begin to confuse, it is time to develop new terminology and discard the old. While Life Force is a good,  descriptive term, it is not scientific and it  tends  to confuse,  because  others are using the term to  describe  a metaphysical force other than the mental impulse

We  criticize a segment of our profession for  bringing medical  terminology into chiropractic, but we all must  be careful  that  we are not guilty of bringing  in  non-chiro practic terminology also. v6n6

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