I n n a t e l y D i r e c t e d


Often we hear speakers talk about being innately directed or acting
in response to the direction of the innate intelligence of the body.  Most
people have no idea that there is an innate awareness within their body
or that it is capable of directing every physiological function.  They
have ignored it, buried it, and covered it up with educatedly directed
actions for so long that they are not likely even aware when their body
is innately “speaking” to them.  The key to being innately directed on
the physiological level is to remove interferences to the expression of the
innate intelligence of the body.  The vertebral subluxation is one inter­
ference, the one that chiropractors direct their attention toward.  Socie­
ty, civilization, and many other factors have made it difficult to be
innately directed on a physiological level.  They have created interfer­
ences. We often cannot eat when the body tells us, it is just not conven­
ient.  The same is true for sleep, rest, exercise.  Consequently, we must
“educatedly” schedule these activities and hope that they come as close to
the desires of the innate intelligence as possible.  
     There is a school of thought within the chiropractic community
which believes that by correcting vertebral subluxations we can insure
that the educated intelligence is working properly.  However, we can no
more guarantee that a good nerve supply will insure proper educated
decisions than we can guarantee a person free of vertebral subluxations
will never get cancer, heart disease, or some other medical problem.   All
we can say is that the educated brain will function better if the person
is free of vertebral subluxation.  But we can also say that it will func­
tion better given good nutrition, clean air, water, exercise, the proper
rest and by avoiding poisons.
     With regard to the educated brain and educated intelligence, there is
another factor that needs to be explored.  There is something more that
can be done to make us “innately directed.”  An innately directed indi­
vidual is a person who has an ADIO philosophy of life.  This is not a
mystical concept.  It does not mean that some supernatural small voice
tells him/her to turn left at a crossroads when they were thinking all
along that they should turn right.  There may be such things as gut
feelings, intuition, “spiritual guides,” but if these exist, they are not the
innate intelligence speaking to you.   But being innately directed does
involve your thinking.  It means that the individual is directed by the
   1.  Principles that have been internalized.  The person does not waver
with the external influences of life.  He/she is not swayed by other
people’s ideas or pressures.  The innately directed individual does not
blindly embrace every new idea that comes along.  Instead, he/she has
learned a set of principles and has developed a philosophy from them.  
Every issue, idea, and decision in life is filtered through these princi­
   2.  An understanding that the educated intelligence is not adequate in
running the internal organism, either the person’s own or that of some­
one else.  The innately directed individual acknowledges that it is the
innate intelligence that has been and continues to know how to run the
human body and the best thing that can be done educatedly is to stay
out of the way as much as possible.  
   3.  A knowledge that to be consistently free of vertebral subluxation
is necessary to maximize the effectiveness of every phase of one’s life.  
The innately directed individual gets adjusted regularly.
   4.  Knowledge that is not merely academic information but that which
is applicable to all aspects of life.  This individual knows how to apply
that information.  This is known as wisdom.  Not only does he/she have
the knowledge, know how to apply it, but he/she does apply it.
     There are very few innately directed people in this world, either on
a physiological level or on an educated level.  It is our responsibility as
chiropractors to remove interference to the expression of innate intelli­
gence but also to teach the principles that if internalized by the patient,
can enable them to be innately directed and to be more of what they
should be on every level of human function. v8n5

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