O d d , I s n ‘ t I t


Outside in philosophy is the sum total of man’s thinking apart from the recognition of a Wisdom of the Universe and
the logical, deductive reasoning that emanates from thatrecognition. Odd, Isn’t It? v8n6

     The mixing segment of the profession attempts to set
education standards and standards of care for the entire
profession yet refuses to undertake defining chiropractic for
the fifty state licensing boards.  Instead, they opt to allow
the individual states to define the practice of chiropractic.
A rather odd position for those who claim to be trying to
unify the profession.  Why is it?  They really have no clear
understanding or position as to what the chiropractic
objective is and are afraid if they should define the
profession, they will paint themselves into a corner for the
future.  Further, they are afraid of alienating the extremes
of the mixing community, those that to treat disease by hand
only and those that want to practice allopathic medicine.
While the hierarchy of the mixing aspect of the profession
does not at this time appear to want to embrace the use of
drugs and surgery, neither do they want to close that door to
themselves.  Hence, their rather confusing position.  They
have strong standards as far as chiropractic education is
concerned but no clear professional objective or definition
which the education should be a reflection of.  Odd, isn’t

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