Odd, Isn't It


 If medical doctors have more malpractice suits than chiropractors, why is it some of  our profession feel the more medical procedures we do, the less incidence of malpractice we will have?    The effects of straight chiropractic care on the spine as an organ, other organs of the body, and specific diseases is or should be the interest of medicine, non-straight chiropractic and objective scientific investigation.  It is not part of the area of interest to the practice of straight chiropractic.  Straight chiropractors want their patients to stop going to M.D.s, when and if they become so healthy that they simply have no need for the medical doctor. Mixers want their patients to stop going to M.D.s because they believe that they can fill the role of the medical doctor themselves.  One segment of the profession has a lofty goal, the other an unrealistic perception of themselves. v9n3

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