If you came upon a man apparently dying of thirst on a
desert highway, would you stop to help him?  Suppose he was
too weak to ask for help or to explain to you what happened
to him, would you give him some water providing you had it?
Or would you first try to determine what multitude of
problems he had, in which order they should be treated,
whether there were other people nearby to address those
problems, and which of them related to a lack of water and
which did not.

Giving him water would not interfere with his other
needs.  It would not prevent him from receiving other care.
It may even enhance the other measures.  Most important, you
and he would realize a drink of water is not going to replace
or prevent necessary first aid measures.  The straight
chiropractor views the adjustment as giving water to a man
dying of thirst.  Every member of the human race who is
walking around subluxated is dying of that vertebral
subluxation.  Is it life threatening?  Absolutely.  Is it
critical?  I guess it depends upon your definition of
critical.  Can the thirsty man wait another five minutes or
five hours for a drink of water?  Perhaps.  But why wait.  If
you have the water and he needs it, why not give it to him.
That is the way straight chiropractors view the chiropractic

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  1. Damien Ciasullo 03/11/2014, 9:49 pm:

    This is great Joe.

    • JoeStrauss 03/12/2014, 12:18 am:

      Thank you Damien and welcome to the blog. That was written in the Pivot Review almost 19 years ago.

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