Why is it medicine can be so adamant that a displaced (herniated) disc can impinge upon the cord and spinal nerves and cause all kinds of problems affecting the function of the nerve system? They are so confident this can happen that they actually perform major surgery to reduce that impingement. Yet they are just as adamant that a misaligned bone cannot have the same effect.  v15n3


A paradigm is more than a model.  It assumes a way of looking at life.  For example, the evolutionist has a naturalistic paradigm.  His model assumes that God does not exist, did not interject Himself into human history and that man has no purpose or rational end.  He then goes about accumulating facts to support that assumption.  We in objective straight chiropractic have made an assumption concerning the human body and the universe.  Our assumptions are based on intelligent design, order, organization and the existence of an intelligent designer.  We merely try to describe it in non-theological terms.  We are accumulating facts to support it.  Objective straight chiropractic is no less scientific than Darwinsim.

Those who are really to be admired are not the ones who were drawn to chiropractic because of a “miracle cure” but those who had no symptoms and sought chiropractic care—those who were drawn to chiropractic by the philosophy and the logic behind it.  It is easy to be convinced by a spectacular experience.  It is more commendable for one to be convinced by the sheer logic and beauty of our philosophy.

Straight and mixer terms aside, all chiropractic organizations, schools and approaches to chiropractic can be simplified into two groups.  The first is working toward the future success of chiropractic, separate and distinct, as the Palmers meant it to be.  The second group is working toward chiropractic’s destruction, some purposefully, some unwittingly.  The FSCO type chiropractic is the first group.  Everyone else is in the second.

If we dismiss a patient or do not accept them, they will go somewhere else where more than likely they will learn that chiropractic is something other than what you practice.  Would it not be better to have them come irregularly and hear each time what chiropractic is all about than occasionally go somewhere else and have their incorrect perception of chiropractic reinforced?  If what you do and say is more important than what non-straights do and say, why send people to them?

The strength and greatness of chiropractic is and always has been in the chiropractor’s realization of his or her own limitations.  When chiropractors cease to realize their weakness and dependency upon the innate intelligence of the body to accomplish their objective, chiropractic will cease to be great.

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