Which Candidate is Pro Chiropractic?


Recently one of the national associations published an article about a presidential candidate supporting chiropractic and chiropractic legislation. The inference was that we should be aware of which candidates support chiropractic and which do not. I have always had a problem with one-issue candidates or in supporting a candidate because he agrees with my position on one issue. Believe it or not, there are a number of issues that are important to me beside chiropractic. It is not a problem if the candidate has a philosophy of life or a world outlook that causes him to take a particular position. Many candidates however take a position on something or support an issue because it is politically expedient or because they just happen to agree on that one issue. Just saying that candidate so and so supports chiropractic is not really helpful, especially with all the different approaches to chiropractic. Does he/she support it for the treatment of back pain only? Twelve visits? Does the candidate really understand what chiropractic is all about?

It seems to me what is more important is the candidate’s world and life viewpoint. A philosophy of life does not necessarily include a position on chiropractic but it says a good deal about the way the candidate thinks….ADIO or outside-in. That will impact chiropractic in a more important way than whether he/she thinks chiropractic should have insurance parity. For example, is the candidate in favor of an expanded role for government or a limited role? An expanded role of government in the health field, for example, has given us mandatory vaccinations. That issue impacts chiropractors personally and their practice members’ ability to take responsibility for their own health. A candidate who believes that government knows best what a citizen needs with regard to health is merely an extension of the medical thinking that says the doctor knows best. It creates a controlling environment rather than a liberating one, which is an even more dangerous extension of that outside-in thinking.

Chiropractic is based upon correcting a cause within and the practice member taking responsibility. Non-responsible types, those who believe that government should take care of people, that people do not have the ability to take care of themselves, that big brother knows best, that the environment is the cause, that people are not responsible for their actions, and that guns are the cause of killing and germs make you sick, will carry this thinking into their political actions. They will support legislation that addresses disease and its cause and never consider appropriating funds for research into health. They will try to control or eliminate systems and programs which allow people to make their own choices with regard to every area of life and health. They will continue to perpetuate the faulty thinking that is responsible for most of the problems in this country.

They may open their arms to chiropractic but not allow it to be freely practiced as the chiropractor wants to practice. They will embrace chiropractic with the idea of controlling it or conforming it to their idea. Those kinds of people do not deserve our support or endorsement. In fact, we should be aware enough of what they truly stand for and we should work against their election.



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