Limitations of Matter


In modern-day straight chiropractic, the objective straight chiropractor has totally eliminated the problem of limitations of matter except with regard to whether the practice member can accept the introduction of the force. Once we abandoned the objective of getting sick people well and began to concentrate on the objective of correcting vertebral subluxations simply because they interfere with the body’s ability to function at its maximum, limitations of matter were no longer an issue. If your objective is to be a substitute or an alternative to medicine, then limitations of matter are an issue because medicine’s main objective seems to be addressing a body that it believes is past those limitations. Whether it be to cure cancer or the common cold, medical doctors believe the innate intelligence of the body needs help from the outside. The chiropractor who addresses the cause of disease, believes specifically that subluxation is always the cause. However, he or she is still faced with the problem that the condition may be past the point that even if the cause is corrected, some life-sustaining measure must still be utilized. Medicine is usually the profession to provide that life sustaining measure. In an increasingly litigious society, determining the point at which that care is necessary is essential to the chiropractor who “gets sick people well.” If you make it clear that getting sick people well is not your objective, you have a greater chance of avoiding unpleasant litigation.

Turning to B.J. for wisdom on this issue of limitations of matter is not very helpful. B.J. seemed to ignore the whole concept of limitations of matter. He thought that there is always a sufficient supply of mental impulses for the demand as long as that supply can get through without interference. We must conclude that B.J. is talking about normal, natural conditions because no matter how subluxation free one may be, falling out of a ten-story window will damage the body. How about a massive dose of anthrax? How about someone sneezing in your face? Are these normal situations? One gets the impression that they are not and that B.J. does not address those abnormal circumstances as if they do not exist. On the other hand, the medical profession gives us the impression that every circumstance is abnormal and that the human body cannot handle even the common cold without decongestants and antibiotics.

Objective straight chiropractic does not get involved in the situation. Is that a cop-out? I would say that it is not. We are not taking responsibility for making those decisions. The individual who may or may not be past the point of limitations of matter is the person responsible for making that decision. It is unfortunate that they usually only get input from the physician who tends to see every situation as exceeding limitations of matter. That is why many traditional chiropractors get involved in those issues and on giving advice. However, because one unqualified person (the physician) is willing to give advice is no reason why another (the chiropractor) should be doing it as well. What we need to do is teach people about their body, about their innate intelligence and give them the knowledge to make intelligent decisions.   v18n2

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