It never ceases to amaze me how science can create terms, and because they have created them somehow people accept them and the ideas that they convey without so much as a hint of skepticism.  Yet, if we use a term like “innate intelligence” or even “intelligent design” the scientists go into some kind of major tantrum about bringing religion into science. 

Scientists have begun to use the term “self organization” and use it so much that we accept it without giving it a second thought.  Has anyone ever seen an example of self-organization?  The answer is no.  No such thing exists in nature.  No examples can be cited or created.  I have a desktop that gets pretty messy.  Ask anyone who knows me well and has seen my desk at home or at the office.  They will tell you it looks like a disaster.  The reason it always looks this way is because I am waiting for it to organize itself.  Every morning I get up and hope that it has been straightened up, even just a little bit.  I hope to see the papers in a neatly organized pile, the pens in the cup holder, and the books back on the shelf, rendering the desk top visible and with enough space to write.   But alas, it never happens.  At least not without an outside factor like my associate (my office desk) or my wife (my desk at home).  You see, things do not organize themselves.  That is why we in chiropractic coined the term “innate intelligence.” 

A human body (or any living thing for that matter) cannot self-organize.  It needs a separate and distinct intelligence that does the organizing.  That is why our chiropractic forefathers developed the Triune of Life model, to demonstrate that an organism is not self-organized.  The matter and the intelligence are separate and distinct from one another.  It is the action of the separate intelligence on the matter that creates organization.  When the human body no longer expresses an innate intelligence there is a loss of organization.  The organs, tissues and cells no longer function in active organization.  They just sit there and do nothing, like the junk on my desk.   In a very short time the body becomes more and more disorganized.  We call that decomposition.  It is true there is a certain level of organization in a dead body.  We see that as a product of universal intelligence but it is that organizing principle that actually creates the process of decay, organizing the compounds of the body into their various chemical elements.  If the human body really were self-organizing, we would see corpses come alive again and the dust of the ground become a living person.  While the former has happened on rare occasions and the latter only once, it is not a scientific phenomena.  It is called a miracle.  Yet, we seem to have the scientific equivalent of a miracle occurring in the process of what science calls self-organization.  For the scientists tell us this ability to self-organize occurs spontaneously and that it occurs in greater and greater complexity over time.  They call it evolution and pretend it is a scientific phenomena.  Of course, there is no scientific or natural explanation for this phenomena called self-organization.  Isn’t that the definition of a miracle?  Don’t laugh, because self-organization is a legitimate position to take.  However, it is not a scientific position.  It is a religion called pantheism, which is not only not scientific but in conflict with our chiropractic philosophy. 

So the next time some pseudo-scientist begins to talk about self-organization, give him one of those condescending looks that they usually reserve for us vitalistic-type philosophers and allow them to have their non-scientific religion on which to base their science.  Or, if you really want to ruin their day, ask them to prove scientifically the idea of self-organization.v21n1

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