ADIO v. OIBU v.?


There appears to be a third category of viewpoint beside the outside in and ADIO viepoints and that is what we might call the “no viewpoint” viewpoint. There are a certain group of people who do not appearto live their lives based upon any viewpoint. They use a combination of emotion, habit, tradition, peer pressure, among other things upon which they base decisions and actions. There is no deepseated basis or extensive thought process or principles for their actions. They are the people, who you never know how they are going to vote or what their position will be on any issue. They appear to be capricious in their decision making. They can be converted to the ADIO philosophy if they are taught to think or if they begin to embrace a principle upon which to base their life. Chiropractic should be part of that principle.   February 3,  2010

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