Chiropractic and Purpose


The great genius Stephen Hawkins says that “We are determined (that is have purose in our life and in our existance) but since we do not know for what, we might as well not be.” Aren’t you thankful to be a chiropractor and know what your purpose is and have the opportunity to accomplish that purpose. I would suggest that Dr. Hawkins greatest handicap in life is not physical.  March 28, 2010

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  1. David Suskin 08/26/2014, 8:14 pm:

    Could anyone speculate in this case, how innate intelligence has adapted the innate matter of this individual, such that he continues to LIVE, with a Mind and a musculoskeletal system almost inoperable.
    Is he an exception or the rule? His NORMAL certainly is NOT your AVERAGE.

    As said:
    ‘Dr. Hawkins greatest handicap in life is not physical.’
    I think his comments refer to the fallibility of induction, and in that respect, he might be quite accurate.
    His opinion is not unique.

    Tyrants, dictators, they have purposes and accomplish them quite well.
    The guy survives, with family, with disability, and apparently with LIFE. Kind of a contradiction and a mystery. yes? no?

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