Case Management for Straight Chiropractors


Chiropractors looking to practice in a straight manner will often call me and ask what book or books I would recommend to them in order to help them turn their practice around.  Of course, I first recommend Chiropractic Philosophy.  If you do not know what non-therapeutic straight chiropractic is all about, it is difficult to practice that way.  The next two books I recommend are Case Management for Straight Chiropractors and Practice Building for Straight Chiropractors.  If I were limited to choosing only one of those two books, I would recommend Case Management.

The greatest task and challenge in developing a straight practice is to be able to communicate to the potential practice member who enters your office exactly what it is you do and what you do not do.  In reality that is the heart of practice building so the title of this book does not do it justice.  How you “manage” people may be more important to practice building than Practice Building!  While its true that marketing is important and advertising brings people into the office, the fact is that what you say to people face to face, on the first few visits is going to set the tone for the type of practice you have and your success in that practice.  Chiropractors will spend thousands of dollars to hire a practice management consultant to give them a program for building a practice.  They will follow his/her script to the letter and it may well help them.  But in all likelihood, it will not be a straight practice.

Case Management for Straight Chiropractors is a book that will give you the step-by-step instructions, dialogue, and ideas that you need to know to share your big idea of chiropractic with the people coming into your office.  It contains forms that are consistent with straight chiropractic practice.  It will help you practice in a safe manner, consistent with accepted standards of straight chiropractic care.  It is a must read book for straight chiropractors.  If you have a copy, I would urge you to pick it up and read it again.  It will help you check your slipping, tighten up your procedures and say things that you have forgotten, things that you should be sharing with those people who come in the office.  If you do not have a copy of Case Management, well, sorry to say, it is out of print.  But, it is now on CD and since you are reading this newsletter on a computer, you are able to have a copy.  The best part is that the price of the CD is less than half the cost of the book even if you could buy one.  See the accompanying information to order one.  The ability to quickly access information makes this an even more valuable tool and some of you who have the book may also want it in this convenient format.  The forms have been updated since the writing of the book and they alone are worth the $12.95 price.  Have a great day.

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