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Well, it finally happened. I incurred the wrath of a publisher of a chiropractic publication…enough so that he devoted an entire column to one of my Pivot Review articles. But that is okay. As B.J. said, “Conflicts clarify.” I will not get into a debate with him in our publication because he has a greater circulation!

It seems that this chiropractor, like others in our profession, believes that our troubles will be over if we can just prove chiropractic scientifically. My position is based upon the philosophical concept that chiropractic addresses the immaterial part of man (the innate intelligence) rather than the material (matter) which science addresses. I presented my position recently to a group of chiropractors and students in Marietta, GA. I would like you to have a copy of this 50-minute presentation on DVD entitled “Addressing the Intelligence or the Material.” I believe you will find it informative and motivational. You will also hear some helpful practice building principles that have influenced my practice for over 40 years.

2009 F.A.C.E. Fund Raiser
The Foundation is now conducting its annual fund-raising event. For a donation of $25 or more, we will send you the DVD “Addressing the Intelligence or the Material.”

Your generous donation to F.A.C.E. helps defray the cost of producing educational products like this DVD, as well as The Pivot Review and The Practice Builder. In addition to The Pivot Review online, over 1000 printed copies of The Pivot Review are sent to students at 7 different chiropractic colleges across the country. Remember, your gifts are fully tax-deductible as a donation to a non-profit foundation. Thank you for your continued gracious and generous support of F.A.C.E. and for non-therapeutic, straight chiropractic.  Joe

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