Technique-Position Paper


The uniqueness of the straight chiropractic objective impacts upon chiropractic technique. Since the objective of correcting vertebral subluxations is to allow the innate intelligence of the body to be more fully expressed, any
technique that purports to accomplish that objective should be acceptable to the practice of straight chiropractic. However inherent within the above objective are a number of criteria that should be met. It will become clear that
some of these criteria can only be met by the individual practicing the technique. The criteria are:1. The technique should acknowledge that inherent within the idea of”correcting vertebral subluxations” is the knowledge that it is the innate intelligence of the body that truly corrects the subluxation. Technique is a procedure or procedures that enable the objective straight chiropractic to locate, analyze and introduce an adjustive thrust of such a quality that the innate intelligence of the recipient’s body can take that force and correct a vertebral subluxation. 2. The idea of normal with regard to the human spine can only be established by the innate intelligence of the individual. Conforming individuals to a standard or pre-determined norm is the objective of medicine and is not  consistent with a non-therapeutic, objective approach to the practice of chiropractic.
3. Objective Straight Chiropractic is based upon logic and deduction. Consequently, it cannot be onfused with absurdities. Approaches to the location of vertebral subluxation and their correction must meet standards of
common sense.
4. It is understood that while certain techniques as taught by their developers may not have an objective consistent with objective straight chiropractic, it is possible that an objective straight chiropractor could adapt that technique to
accomplish that unique objective. Chiropractors should be very careful in adapting techniques that do not have our unique objective and to realize that it may be impossible to adapt some techniques.
5. Since technique is a very personal thing, objective straight chiropractors should respect the approach of other chiropractors and refrain from passing judgement as to the validity or value of other techniques. This includes
techniques that claim to have an objective consistent with objective straight chiropractic and those that clearly have another objective.
6. Objective straight chiropractic offers a wide enough latitude to embrace many different approaches to locating, analyzing and correcting vertebral subluxations. However, respectful discussion is urged so that objective straight chiropractors may find the most effective technique(s) for accomplishing their unique objective.

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