What Are We Really Doing? (to get the message out)


Are we really serious about the idea of getting the message of chiropractic out to the world?  Sometimes I wonder.  It seems that many chiropractors are willing to put money into advertising, public relations or marketing programs only if they will put money back in their pocket and only if the amount exceeds the initial outlay.  Judging by the public awareness programs that begin now and then, not too many chiropractors are willing to donate money for a “national campaign.”  I must admit that I do not give to those programs, not because I do not think it is important but because I usually do not agree with the message that they are sending out.  That may be your reason also.
Well, here at the Foundation we have a program that will enable you to have your own campaign, to educate your community.  It is our audio tapes/CDs program.  We have offices that distribute 500 or a thousand CDs at a time.  They use their practice members, spinal screenings and they themselves personally distribute the CDs.  These chiropractors tell us that they are a great tool in educating people to our message of chiropractic.  Yet, there are relatively few chiropractors utilizing the program.  We have made it as easy and affordable as possible.  We do not have a set fee for the program, but rather allow chiropractors to donate what they are able and receive as many as they can use.  When we first started the program, I expected that it would bring an overwhelming response.  It hasn’t.  I wonder if it is because chiropractors do not know what is fair?  (This is a major concession for a guy who has had a box on the wall for almost 40 years!)
What is fair is what you can afford.  If you cannot afford anything, then we will send you the CDs for nothing.  If you can afford $.50 for each CD, well, that would make us happy and we would have no problem continuing the program.  You see it is really an inexpensive approach to getting out a verbal message.  We have the equipment to mass produce CDs and tapes at very little cost.  That CD you just bought for $18.99 made somebody a lot of profit).  If you would like to donate more that would be appreciated.
Fifty cents for a 20-minute or 50-minute CD is not much of an outlay to put chiropractic educational material in the hands of the public.  You pay almost that much for a colored pamphlet.  We have two CDs available: “Almost Everything You Need to Know to be Healthy” and “Chiropractic is for Everyone” (They are also available on cassette tapes.) We usually charge a one time $10.00 set up fee to personalize labels with your name, address and phone number, but for the next 30 days we will waive that fee.  If you would like a sample, we will gladly provide you with one, just email or call us.  We are doing all we can to make this program work.  We want your community to learn about chiropractic.  Do you?

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