The 1%ers vs. the 99.9%ers


For the ADIO practitioner, the more he learns about the human body, the more he realizes how little he knows. On the other hand the more an outside-in practitioner learns the more he is convinced that he is on the verge of knowing it all.

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  1. joe kametz 03/24/2011, 9:24 pm:

    yes joe agreed. i’ve learned so much of the physiology stuff from chestnut (who is still very impressive in his knowledge) and others and realize that there is no point in learning or wowing clients with your knowledge. i’m trying to UNLEARN everything, and it is a huge process. chiropractic is simple, no point in complicating the matter. since i stopped talking about other outside in approaches in the office i’ve been much more happy and content.

    • JStraussDC 03/25/2011, 12:02 am:

      Joe, that reminds me of a quote made by another Joe, Joe Stucky of WI, one I heard many years ago. He said “Chiropractic is the only profession where education is a decided handicap”

      • Claude Lessard 03/26/2011, 11:02 pm:

        Congratulations on your NEW social network.
        What you just posted regarding the ADIO practitioner is an accurate observation. I have found that the key to live the ADIO world view requires surrendering and letting go rather than achieving and possessing. It is not about knowing as much as it is about unknowing. It is not so much learning as unlearning just as Joe Kametz mentioned in his response. It is more about entering the realm of wonderment than arriving at a mental certitude.
        All we can really do is to be open to the NEW…. And since it’s NEW, it is humbling and that’s why so few chiropractors are willing to do it.

  2. Ronen Mendi DC 03/27/2011, 8:21 am:

    Yet we should appreciate the knoledge. Many time we-I need to be able to explain to certain people the relation between their suffering to the nervous system.
    And how aligning of the nervous system – spine – life line will enable their body to re-work properly, or optimally, after certain uncorrected damage has been done.
    And I beleive we should be able to explain and relate it to the people.

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