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Chiropractic college will never teach students how to practice. Schools are always far behind the curve of what is necessary for practice. They are because in most chiropractic schools the instructors do not practice or have not practiced for years. The world is changing so quickly, it is difficult to keep up. Can you imagine having someone teaching computer programming who learned it ten years ago or even five years ago? If you learned practice management from a chiropractic consultant who has been out of practice more than five years, you can be sure his information is out-dated.

If you get hooked up with a consultant who wants to teach you the script that he used, that’s not what you want either. You need to learn the principles of practice, not the “patter.” You need to adapt these principles to your personality and what you are comfortable saying. This blog is to enable you to interact with those in the field who have been practicing straight chiropractic and are willing to share their knowledge with you. Questions are welcomed, even solicited. There are a number of practicing straight chiropractors who would be willing to share with you.

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  1. Joe D. 04/13/2011, 12:06 am:

    In most professions (law, medicine, etc.) students graduate, go into the “field”, develope new or inovative procedures, landmark cases or generally make a name for themselves THEN they are invited to be on the faculty of their colleges. In Chiropractic we recruit from our most recent graduating classes. At best instructors run part time practices or, increasingly , don’t practice at all. These “incomplete” Chiropractors can only teach students good academic theory but have little real world knowledge to impart. The flaw is not with the instructors, but rather with the adminestrations who look to hire cheap over complete Chiropractors.

    • Claude Lessard 04/13/2011, 2:20 am:

      Oh how well it’s true Joe D. It reminds me of the start of ADIO. There I was, just graduated from Sherman in July of 1977 being called to be on the faculty of ADIO in January of 1978. How little did I know about practicing then. Yes, I was on fire and passionate about chiropractic and still am, however we were cheap hire…. we taught for FREE. Why? I will never understand except that it was the necessary thing to do. Joe Strauss talk about it somewhat in his book, “Reggie, the message made simple”. I’ve known for a while now that the schools won’t make the chiropracTORS of the future. It’s YOU all those who are willing to share their experiences with the new graduates. This blog is definitely an avenue to accomplish that. To invite students of chiropractic to visit our office. To speak at their school. To show them the way to practice chiropractic by objective and from an ADIO viewpoint. It’s all about sharing the goods with the newbies and the oldies. Then we can sit back and SEE where the innate principle will take it. For the next decade up to 2020, let us have 20/20 VISION and tell them: ” We have 20/20 VISION — SEEING YOUR POSSIBILITIES”
      “If TODAY we build it… they will come”. It is ALWAYS TODAY!!!

  2. Ronen Mendi DC 04/13/2011, 6:26 am:

    Thank U Joe, Joe and Lessard,
    I realize my defficiency (14 years out of school). Yet being out of the states, please direct me to where I can find direction to simple straight forward chhiropractic in order to express max potential.
    I look for ways to pass my passion and understanding to people in my community, without cheappening my message.



    • Claude Lessard 04/13/2011, 6:57 pm:

      Go to http://www.lessardchiropractic. com and subscribe to my blog. You will find the direction you need there. Read it, learn it, absorb it, digest it and most importantly OWN it… Read the Blue Books from Strauss (ALL OF THEM), then, feel free to use the information, memorize it and pass it on with all the passion you have in your heart for chiropractic to the people you love and serve.
      Everyone reading my response to you is welcomed to do the same.

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