THOUGHT: Autonomy vs Control


Our form of government is one based on the autonomy of individuals.  Our health care system is one based upon control of individuals. That doesn’t make sense.

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  1. Claude Lessard 05/11/2011, 5:52 pm:

    BJ Palmer wrote a book called: “Conflicts clarified” where he attempts to validate his point of view regarding the practice of chiropractic. Human Beings are conflicted no matter where they populate. It’s a lack of WHOLENESS, HEALTH and HOLINESS… words having the same greek root. Our government and the disease care system have always been conflicted.
    You are now dealing with a massive religion called “organized medicine’ which is the controlling of the masses through fear of pain and death, with their gowned vestments, diagnostic rituals, holy drugged waters and surgical altars. The sacrifice offered to appease their mammon-god is the dis-eased human body. This is what Americans choose to desecrate the temple of their soul.
    You are correct…. “that doesn’t make sense except with the ignorance of the ADIO principles and the inordinate FEAR of death”. Americans NEED another re-volution, a complete collapse of the system of control. It takes much courage to participate in the transformation of a people… of a country. And you can count me in to tell the story over, and over, and over, and over again!!!

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