A Thought on the Nerve Impulse


A nerve fiber may be stimulated electrically, thermally, chemically, or mechanically. The propagated disturbance is called a nerve impulse. It has no intelligent origin except that someone’s educated brain applied the stimulus either directly or indirecly to the nerve system of the subject. It may also be created by the innate intelligence of the body for a specific purpose. In that case it is called a mental impulse and it has a metaphysical component to it.

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  1. Richard Alan Franks 06/27/2011, 7:00 pm:

    Great point! Why is this so hard to understand?

  2. Bob Vano, DC 06/27/2011, 8:09 pm:

    Why not re-label it as “innate” impulse? 🙂

  3. Steve 06/27/2011, 9:18 pm:

    “no intelligent origin” how about no intelligent expression. How could it be good for the body with constructive survival value if it is random stimuli, is that not more important?

  4. d. schroeder 07/02/2011, 3:39 am:

    If there is an Innate Intelligence in a living body seeking to fulfill it’s potential/ purpose/needs… is there an intelligence in non-living “bodies” that seek to fulfill it’s potential/purpose/needs? Does Calcium seek to become a bone? Do minerals, elements etc. seek to fulfill their destinies as a component of a living thing? Is this the realm of Universal Intelligence? Or is this intelligence called something else?

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