Thought-Certainty and Statistics


There is no such thing as absolute certainty in statistics. Yet everyone wants to live in a world of certainty. Drugs are uncertain, help some, kill others, surgery the same. People count on the statistics (the odds) indicating the drug or surgery will do more good than harm, which is okay if your are part of the good percentage, bad if you are not. The tobacco industry says there is no certainty linking cigarrettes to cancer. We would have to agree. But your body certainly cannot work as well if you smoke! There is certainty in chiropractic-your body will work better with a good nerve supply, without vertebral subluxation. If we try to make any other claims for chiropractic, we have entered the field of statistics and we better have the figures to back up those claims.

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  1. Bob Vano, DC 07/26/2011, 2:40 am:

    Joe, I’ll have those numbers for you in the morning. 🙂

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