Changing People’s Thinking


We cannot change society’s paradigm. It is, and has been, outside-in since Adam and Eve sewed on fig leaves in the Garden. We can, and should, change the thinking of individual people who live within that paradigm by exposing them to the truth, logic and simpicity of the ADIO world and life viewpoint. The chiropractic philosophy is a small part of that viewpoint relating to matters of health and human function.

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  1. Paulo Henrique Sugimoto 08/08/2011, 4:18 pm:

    One of the most valuable things I learned from Reggie is that we can’t change anybody. By essence, changing somebody would be an outside-in approach, and can’t be done. We can only change ourselves. When we change the way we thing and act, people react to it and then they’ll change themselves.

    • Paulo Henrique Sugimoto 08/08/2011, 4:22 pm:

      the way we think* and act

      • todd 08/10/2011, 4:28 pm:

        Paulo – great point… (almost) everything Reggie says and does makes perfect sense to me. What a guy!

        …I also frequently exchange my k’s for g’s… especially when writing the word ‘think’ -weird.

    • JStraussDC 08/08/2011, 5:45 pm:

      Paulo, Reggie also said “if you’re not out to change the world everything else is Mickey Mouse”. It is true we do not change people’s thinking. We just provide information so that they can change their thinking. Changing people’s thinking involves “brainwashing” and the world has seen enough of that! You are correct that for people to change their thinking, we must first change ours and then convey the logic of our thinkng and the superiority of our actions. In doing that, many will change their thinking. Reggie, myself and others understand the principle, that we really do not change the world or people’s thinking. That is a given in our statements, but it is always good to have someone reiterate that idea…thanks.

      • Paulo Henrique Sugimoto 08/08/2011, 5:58 pm:

        Agreed! thanks Joe!

  2. Claude Lessard 08/09/2011, 10:31 am:

    Life is not about becoming whole nearly as much it is about becoming a full expression of it through matter, which is why we have a very ordinary philosophy with 33 principles. The triune makes us already whole; we just don’t know it. The Green and the Blue books attempt to let us in on the secret, by revealing the extraordinary innate intelligence in the ordinary body. That’s why so much of the text seems mundane, practical, specific and frankly confusing!

    The ADIO world and life viewpoint proclaims that intelligence, force and matter have never been separate. The 33 principles tell us that these seemingly different aspects of the triune are and always have been one. We just couldn’t see it or even imagine it until the discovery of chiropractic.

  3. Steve Tullius 08/09/2011, 2:34 pm:

    The adjustic force and the ADIO philosophy are like offering someone and apple. A manipulation and trying to teach someone what to eat and what to think is like trying to force an apple through their skin. The philosophy and adjustment naturally lead to ADIO thinking. With that said, we change our people, our communities, our nation and world through example and willingness to step up on a grand scale and share the message.

    • JStraussDC 08/10/2011, 1:38 pm:


  4. Claude Lessard 08/09/2011, 4:22 pm:

    I always liked this saying of Reggie: “If you’re not out to change the world everything else is Mickey Mouse”.

    There is a distinction to be made between change and transformation, “Change” is when something old dies and something new begins. Planned change is as troublesome to the individual as unplanned change, often more so because now we can blame somebody. Mere change might or might not be accompanied by authentic inner transformation (as I think is what Paulo and Steve are saying).

    If change does not include personal transformation, we do not actually grow, we just grudgingly adjust.

    The educated mind would sooner play victim or too-quick victor than take the ambiguous road of transformation. Change is one thing the educated mind hates more than anything. The educated mind fights, avoids, and denies the necessary advantage of any real transformation, which is why true growth of the individual in the ADIO world and life viewpoint is so rare and the philosophy of chiropractic so hard to hear and practice. The educated mind prefers the status quo… even when it is killing us.

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