The Practice of Chiropractic


There are various approaches to the practice of chiropractic. A few include relieving pain and suffering, treating diseases, treating musculoskeletal problems, and correcting the cause or a cause of some diseases or all diseases. Philosophically, those approaches are not chiropractic, legally they are. One approach to the practice of chiropractic directs its attention to enabling the innate intelligence of the body to be more fully expressed by correcting vertebral subluxations. We sometimes call it straight chiropractic. It is an approach that is beneficial for everyone, including but not limited to those with disease.

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  1. Tim Young 09/05/2011, 2:19 pm:

    We are Chiropractors because of the Chiropractic philosophy. Too many get a Chiropractic degree then create their own philosophy and try to call it Chiropractic. I beleive it’s time for the true Chiropractors to take their profession back and lead it in the right direction. I have started Focus OKC and a new state association for this very reason. Next I plan to form a regional association which will include at least 5 states. Some men fear wars. Some wars fear a few men. It’s time.

    • Greg 09/09/2011, 1:33 am:

      I agree Tim Young! Unfortunately there are only a few, and I know you are one! See you in Kansas City.

  2. Ronen 09/05/2011, 2:29 pm:

    Hi Joe,
    I am struggling, trying to explain to people about the inner power, that should flow freely through the spine. They nod their heads in agreement, and don’t come for innate flow care, yet they do come obviouslly for symptoms.
    How do I change myself, so I will get across more congruent?

  3. Dr. Kirk 09/05/2011, 6:40 pm:

    I believe Spinology may be more closely related to chiropracTOC than chiropractic is!

  4. Bob Vano, DC 09/05/2011, 7:33 pm:

    Suggestion: Start by getting rid of the language “flow of innate” and “flow freely through the spine”. Then, use simple language like “your body works better without subluxations” and relate that to their health and performance.

  5. Tom 09/06/2011, 2:14 am:

    Dr Kirk, what is chiroprac”TOC”? Thanks.

    • Bob Vano, DC 09/07/2011, 6:51 pm:

      I don’t know Tom, but I’m getting the feeling it was a typographical error OR a smart ass remark that cannot be explained by the author.

  6. Steve 09/06/2011, 4:17 pm:

    OIBU people make Chiropractic OIBU, ADIO people understand it to be ADIO. You can’t give something you don’t have.

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