Empiricism and Chiropractic


Chiropractic cannot be fit into the standard empirical mold of science because of innate intelligence. Does that make chiropractic inferior? Yes, according to the late Dr. Joseph Keating and why some in our profession want to do away with the concept of innate intelligence. I would disagree. It does not make chiropractic inferior. However, it does not necessarly make chiropractic better either. It just makes it different.

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  1. Beau Pierce 09/07/2011, 5:06 pm:

    This is huge topic of discussion on our site as well. People always are swayed one way or the other.. Great post doc!

  2. Ronen 09/08/2011, 9:48 am:

    Apples fell off the tree and hit the ground, even prior to the discovery of the law of gravity, by Dr. Neuton.
    Lack of scientific/labratory validation, does not make a law untrue.
    Even a lab test affirmation in a specific or multiple tests, does not make the finding a law.
    Especially that the definition of science – is the look for the best exlenation. And that answer is correct until there are found a better one.
    So science means the best answer, so far.

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