Are Univsersal Forces Really Destructive?


We asked this question on a post recently and got some good and interesting responses. Our philosophy says that they are “destructive as regards structural matter” (Principle No. 26). The question arises as to how these forces can be destructive since the Major Premise says “universal intelligence…maintains matter in active organization.” Whenever we have two apparently contradictory concepts that are both principles, its better, as C.S. Lewis says, to hold on to both than to discard one, if they are truly both principles. However, ideally we should endeavor to reconcile these differences. I would like to propose an idea that might help to reconcile them.

One of the characteristics of organization is stability. In fact, when it comes to the innate intelligence of the body, we refer to this stability as EASE and say when it is lost due to vertebral subluxations that the individual is in a state of DIS-EASE. I would suggest that while universal forces are said to be destructive as regards structural matter what is really happening is the forces of universal intelligence are causing the matter of the universe to revert to its most stable state, matter at the atomic level. These forces are constantly trying to break matter down to its most perfectly organized (most stable) state. Of course, there are reasons for that. Innate intelligence can best carry on its constructive mission, with matter that is in its most organized (stable) state, e.g. anabolism and catabolism.

(I remember in philosophy class Reggie saying that there was enough energy in a piece of chalk [no whiteboard in those days] to blow up the world. It’s not occurring because of the organization of universal intelligence.)

Until 1945, all we could see was matter in its most stable state (atomic)…when we managed to educatedly split the atom of one of the least stable substances, uranium 235. This accomplishment demonstrated that the forces of the universe, while breaking down structural matter, are actually causing greater stability apart from an exerted (Einstein-ien) effort on matter. The tissues of the body (structural matter) are unstable and universal intelligence tends to be destructive toward them in order to achieve greater stability. It is only by a principle of organization in living matter (innate intelligence) that they are kept in their less stable state of organization. When the forces of universal intelligence are greater than the innate intelligence are able to adapt to, due to the limitation of the matter, then the structured (innate) matter will revert back to its most stable state, expressing universal intelligence, and eventually its most stable (atomic) state.

I would be happy to have your input on this. Remember, this chiropractic philosophy is so deep, we can always learn more about it…all of us.

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  1. Tom 09/12/2011, 4:44 pm:

    Well said Joe. You had written another article that answered this question quite well for me as well:


    Posted by JStraussDC on December 6, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    Philosophically, we often ascribe to universal intelligence or universal forces a negative connotation, especially when compared to the constructive action of innate intelligence. We observe that innate intelligence builds universal matter (steak and mashed potatoes) into innate matter (living human tissue). We also observe that universal forces which are the manifestation of universal intelligence tend to be “destructive toward structural matter.” Hence the somewhat negative connotation. Here is the dilemma. How can universal intelligence be destructive and yet good. We use the concept of anabolism/catabolism as an analogy. We also attempt to explain it from the aspect of the nitrogen cycle. It is necessary for the perpetuation of planet earth. Both of these explanations are valid and help clarify the problem. However, there is another explanation that may even make clearer the principle of universal intelligence.

    Universal intelligence is a law or principle of organization that manifests itself in all matter (Principle Number 1, the Major Premise) unlike innate intelligence which is a law or principle that manifests itself through a unique type of matter (living). From this we are able to conclude that universal intelligence organizes matter on the atomic level because all matter, living and non living, is made up of atoms. Here is the concept: universal intelligence is concerned with organization. One characteristic of good organization is stability. Whether it’s the local women’s club or the human body, stability denotes organization and organization bespeaks intelligence. The innate intelligence of the body maintains a stable internal temperature despite the outside temperature fluctuations. Because matter is most stable at its atomic level, universal intelligence tends to reduce all matter to its most organized, most stable level. That is not destructive, although we perceive it that way. It is, in fact, an indication of greater organization and superior intelligent action. What does that have to do with the practice of chiropractic? Nothing really, it’s just interesting to talk about.

    Actually, though, it does have some significance to us.
    There is scientific discussion as to whether the universe tends toward disorder. From a chiropractic, philosophical standpoint, we conclude that it is moving toward a greater degree of order by matter being reduced to its most orderly state–the atomic level.

    The scientist views this process in its partially completed state and says there is disorder. That is the same as me walking into the house while my wife is cleaning and rearranging the furniture. It appears at that moment as total disorder but, when the job is completed, the living room will be arranged in a much more orderly and functional manner. The scientist that does not have a background in chiropractic philosophical understanding comes to a wrong conclusion. So the concept is, after all, significant. That is just another example of how philosophy impinges upon and gives meaning to confusing or apparently inexplicable aspects of science.

    • Scott Bjerkness DC 09/14/2011, 3:20 pm:

      These principles do have application in chiropractic and adjusting because of the aspect of explaining to the person how the body may “break down” down and express symptoms when subluxation is removed and the body heals and adapts.

  2. Steve 09/12/2011, 7:58 pm:

    Since positive and negative often depend on point of view, maybe a better term would be DECONSTRUCTIVE. When referring to UI it may make more sense to consider that things are going toward a more simplified state. If matter is truly another form of energy and energy is never lost but only converted what is being destroyed? Only the organization. The matter is being deconstructed for lack of an organizing principle or effort.

  3. Claude Lessard 09/13/2011, 11:54 am:

    There is a universal INTELLIGENCE in ALL matter CONSTANTLY giving to it ALL its properties and activities, thereby MAINTAINING it in EXISTENCE. That pretty much says it ALL…
    The intelligence running the universe (and you and I are part of it) KNOWS what, how and when to ACT upon…. even when we do not understand it. So, let’s stand under it and contemplate for a while, and SEE what needs to be seen. So BIG!!!!

  4. John Bartemus 09/13/2011, 9:07 pm:

    Great article Joe! I totally agree with and appreciate your point of view.

    • JStraussDC 09/13/2011, 9:31 pm:

      Thank you John

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