Inhibiting Discourse


If we make our philosophy, our principles, our faith, beliefs and our standards of conduct a private matter as some have suggested, what will be the standard by which we measure the value of public discourse and its resultant activity? Everyone doing what is right in his own eyes? Except for the objective straights, that’s pretty much what we have now and look at the mess this profession is in.

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  1. Claude Lessard 10/10/2011, 5:46 pm:

    It’s called “transparency” in today’s lexicon. We must tell the story over and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. And when we do it, we relate with our fellow human beings by sharing the “goods” for the well being of the individual as well as the world. 🙂

  2. Steve 10/10/2011, 9:56 pm:

    Personally I try to separate my philosophy and principles from my faith and beliefs. My philosophy and principles I share freely with whomever will listen, but my beliefs and faith I try not to impose on anyone. But then I don’t see ADIO, Chiropractic and/or their principles as a belief system, more a point of view. Chiropractic does not require faith, it works on animals. Children do not have to believe in the principles of Chiropractic in order for them to benefit from adjustments. I think many people in and out of the profession get these things confused. As for standards, regrettably consensus is probably best for such a diverse field. However if the consensus is to change the profession then that group should change their name to suit and identify the change.

    • JStraussDC 10/12/2011, 4:31 am:

      I’m not sure I can say where my philosophy and principles begin and end. Is the acceptance of a universal intelligence philosophy, principle, and or faith and belief? I think that accepting ui ultimately requires a leap of faith, so there is some overlapping. Second point: as long as human beings have freedom (even if it is only the freedom to think in the privacy of their own soul), I do not believe one person is able to impose their faith and beliefs on another. Is having certain requirements on a practice member (eg. coming weekly, bringing in family, referring others imposing your philosophy/principles/belief on them? They are still free to reject it and go elsewhere. I think we should be anxious to share our faith and beliefs as well as our philosophy and principle with EVERYBODY. They are always free to ignore us, walk away or disagree. Of course we should learn to do it without being obnoxious, rude or overbearing but that is an altogether different issue and probably where the idea of “imposing” comes from. I share my chiropractic philosophy with people because I love them, the same reason, I share my faith. I had a professor in pre-chiropractic college biology who taught me evolution. I rejected it as a lot of nonsense. But I respected him because he was teaching something he believed and because he was a human being who deserved respect. I gave him what he wanted on the exam, after which, as Dr. Judy would say, I flushed it!

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