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The second of my e-books is now underway. I am always working on more than one book at a time but I have never had the luxury of publishing them both as I work on them. The internet and e-books have changed all that. Perhaps you have already received and begun reading Conflict of Philosophy. The Introduction and Chapters 1-9 have already been sent out to those who have ordered the e-book. It can still be ordered at the pre-publication price of $10.00 but only for the next 30 days at https://chiropracticoutsidethebox.com/products/books/conflict-of-philosophy/.

Meanwhile, some chapters of of the newest e-bookChiropractic Philosophical Constructs are near publication and it is available for you to order.This e-book will contain approximately 15 essays, a number of them based upon lectures I have given and thoughts and articles previously presented but not available anywhere at this time. These thoughts and articles have been greatly expanded.

We are offering the first essay/chapter of this second e-book free to all of our readers. It is entitled “Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth: Chiropractic, Theology and Medicine…Drawing the Lines.” It will be the featured article on 4th Friday Philosophy this month. We will then make subsequent chapters available approximately one/month. Titles will include: “Preserving Our Vitalistic Philosophy,” “A New Model for the Mental Impulse,” “Re-examing the Normal Complete Cycle,” “The Educated Brain as an Organ of Adaptation,” “Communicating Chiropractic By the Written Word,” “Intelligent Design, Evolution and Chiropractic,” and more.

If you would like to read these chapters as they are published and save almost 30% on the purchase price of the fully-completed ebook, order today for only $10 at https://chiropracticoutsidethebox.com/products/books/chiropractic-philosophical-constructs/

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  1. jamie 10/26/2011, 6:03 pm:

    i wasn’t able to order it in canada?

    • JStraussDC 10/26/2011, 11:17 pm:

      Thanks for your order Jamie and sorry about the glitch. We thought we had solved that problem. We cannot figure whether it is the blog server or the credit card server. You will get the first chapter free on Friday (4th Friday Philosophy) like everyone else. If we have not figured it out by the time the next chapter comes out, we will send it out and trust you for the check. In either case we will honor your special discount. We appreciate your patience.

  2. Ronen 10/27/2011, 1:48 am:

    Hi Joe, was not able to order it to Israel? Ronen

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