Perseverance-an audio


Dr. Joe Strauss presented this 30 mn talk at New Beginnings some years back. The audio may be a little rough in parts but it is still understandable and applicable to your practice. Perseverance04

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  1. leucadia chiropractor 11/05/2011, 3:35 pm:

    joe, i know this isn’t really on philosophy but having listened to a bunch of your stuff, to me this was your most inspiring talk that i’ve heard. i really appreciate you publishing it. already listened to it 2x and about to do it again, and i just got it yesterday! thanks for all your contributions to the profession and i hope to see you in december!

    • JStraussDC 11/07/2011, 12:42 am:

      Joey, thanks for the encouraging words. I hope to put more of my old talks up in the future.

  2. Dr C (M Castaneda, DC, BA, CFT) 11/08/2011, 3:08 pm:

    I listened to this (Perseverance talk) yesterday (in the car, whilst driving to my home-based px) and it made for a great “head space.” These bolstering thoughts and reminders of attributes that are important not just in practice, but in life are true gems. THANK YOU for making this audio available to us, Dr Strauss! PS – Great speaking voice, and loved the quip about there being no bell to time you! 🙂

  3. Tom 11/08/2011, 4:34 pm:

    Dr C, just how B-I-G is your home that you have to drive to the office part????? 😉

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