The problem with certain movements in chiropractic, particularly regarding techniques and practice management, is that they do not take a stand. They say they are not political. Straight chiropractic is not political. It is philosophical. The right to practice straight chiropractic has been made a political issue by those who do not respect the right of individuals to practice by their philosophy. Those who fail to take a stand do so because to them taking a stand is not important. There are no absolutes in their paradigm. As long as you are moving or acting in their paradigm, you will eventually grow or evolve into what they believe is right for you. That is what is important to them. My Conclusion: Just because people are not against you does not mean they are with you. If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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  1. Gary Brettmann, D.C. 11/09/2011, 9:58 pm:

    You’re absolutely right Joe!
    Don peterson wrote in a recent Dynamic Chiropractic, that there are DC’s who want a musculskeltal model, they will compete with Dr.’s of P.T., there’s D.C.’s who want to treat patients medically, via Chiropractic expanded scope of practice, who will compete with MD’s, DO’s & FNP’s, then there are the DC’s who want to adjust subluxations for a better expression of Innate in all of us, who will have no one to compete with.
    I’m proud to be a Straight, no competetiton is fine, the only thing wrong is convincing the public that Chiroprcatic is Health insurance regardless if their insurance covers care. Cash is King!

    • JStraussDC 11/09/2011, 11:27 pm:

      Gary, did Peterson even acknowlege “DC’s who want to adjust subluxations for a better expression of Innate in all of us,”?

    • Steve 11/11/2011, 3:52 pm:

      Hey Drew
      I like to tell my patients Chiropractic is health ASSURANCE sometimes covered by insurance. If they are receptive to this we can discuss how health insurance is actually sickness insurance…it only pays when their sick. It generally supports the medical model not a proactive system. Then we can slide into chiro being more than health.

      • Steve 11/11/2011, 6:14 pm:

        I’m Sorry I meant to address this comment to Gary.

  2. Bob Vano, D.C. 11/09/2011, 10:27 pm:

    Why is it that nobody really stands for anything anymore? Many just sit idly by.

    • DrC 11/14/2011, 12:28 am:

      That may be because they have been beaten down – all the way from (hopefully at least) “mild interest” to boredom, and then past fear – to apathy. (“I would give an opinion, but what’s the use?”) Many who post here are (it seems to me, likely) thriving – not just surviving – or as many in our profession, struggling to survive, wondering if they should continue to try to stay in practice or simply give up their shingle and get “a real job.” If you still have an opinion, and the drive to voice it (even if just out of anger) consider yourself Blessed!

  3. Steve Tullius 11/10/2011, 1:03 am:

    On anything of substance the technique and practice member gurus are no where to be found. They are unwilling to take a stand because most draw money from various factions of the profession. For them it is a business decision. Much like the business decisions our colleges make versus standing for the principles they supposedly house in their institutions.

  4. Steve 11/11/2011, 6:12 pm:

    Hey Bob,
    Do you think it’s their philosophy, ADIO or OIBU? I think OIBU people see things as either happening outside themselves or happening to them, so they’re more reactive and not as proactive? ADIO people tend to see things happening within and lean more toward expression and therefore make things happen. People like BJ, Sid Williams, Thom Gelardi, Joe Strauss, these guys stand for something and produce accordingly. I wonder sometimes how much our philosophy affects the rest of our lives. I guess if that’s how we see the world it is also how we respond to the world.
    Or would you just chalk it up to being more businessman than Dr./educator, trying to “please all the people all the time”

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