Chiropractors and Balancing the Spine


Chiropractors do not balance the spine. They balance (reconcile) the expression of the intelligence and the matter. The living body and only the living body takes care of the rest.

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  1. Steve 01/18/2012, 8:35 pm:

    Unless the “living body” means innate, force and matter, I think your baiting us. Otherwise I like the concept of reconcile.

    • JStraussDC 01/18/2012, 9:11 pm:

      “Living body” has to refer to intelligence, force, and matter. If it was not alive it would only be (universal) matter. I would never “bait” everyone on a blog. You personally, yes šŸ™‚ but not everyone.

  2. Steve 01/18/2012, 10:44 pm:

    Hey Joe, Have you considered putting your books on a CD, like Rob Sinnott did with the Green Books? To have them in a searchable data base is a fantastic tool. Then I could look up what you say here and expound upon it in the written words. I have most of the blue books ( all but one, I think ). You asked earlier about DD’s motivation in creating some of the philosophy, have you read Simon Senzon’s books on Chiro. history? Might be a nugget or two there for you. I loved them, well researched and a good read. Oh, and tell Judy we are looking forward to her presentation in Feb. at the KRJPF.

    • JStraussDC 01/18/2012, 11:50 pm:

      When I get rid of the thousands in my basement I will! Actually 2 are already on CD-Rom (Case Management and Practice Building because they are out of print. We are presently putting the Pivot Reviews on CD but you can search most of the articles on this blog. Chiropractic Philosophy is still purchased and used in chiropractic colleges so it will probably be a while before that goes digital. Copies of Reggie are dwindling so anyone who wants it in hard copy needs to order soon. I am considering e-books for the KIndle or Nook but I don’t know how a search mechanism would work on that medium or if it would. I wonder, Steve, whether you are presenting that search idea so you can more easily catch me in contradictions šŸ™‚

      • Steve 01/23/2012, 6:05 pm:

        I would like to say, why Joe that never occurred to me. How could you think so little of me when I have been so nice to you? Actually I like to write and would find it an excellent resource, as I have the GB’s. It would also make a good gift. Have you thought of books on tape (cd) for the commuters? Wait a minute, Claude says you don’t like to talk that much.

        • JStraussDC 01/23/2012, 6:51 pm:

          Claude only THINKS I don’t like to talk because when I’m around him, I never get a word in edgewise!

          • Steve 01/23/2012, 8:11 pm:

            Yea, I thought you did a great job at the philosophy forum years ago. Give the books on cd a thought, I listen to CLA – On Purpose most mornings to get my head together.

  3. Ronen 01/19/2012, 8:43 am:

    Absolutely, sometimes the spine needs to be unballanced. Chiropractic care optimize the ballance.
    And keep optimization.

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