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Regular lifetime chiropractic care is based upon how long you want to walk around with a vertebral subluxation in your spine, interfering with the function of your nerve system, decreasing the expression of your body’s innate intelligence and making your life less than all it could be.

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  1. Steve 01/23/2012, 8:30 pm:

    Someone once said ” if we could get everyone under care for 10 generations, we could totally eliminate disease as we know it today”. Now I know the OSC does not treat disease, spinal patterns are inherited but subluxations are not, and subluxations can not be completely prevented. However I also know that when subluxation free, people make better choices, be that activity levels, diet, rest, ect, all the contributors to health. Do you think it is possible to improve the species as a whole if everyone, always, got checked as needed.

    • 01/23/2012, 11:42 pm:


      Following your statement: “…and subluxations can not be completely prevented”, don’t you think that to prevent future subluxations IS to correct the subluxations of the present thereby increasing the internal resistive force of the matter of the body?

      And when the internal resistive force of the matter of the body increases, the matter of the body is NOT overcome by the external invasive forces…. thus NOT causing subluxations. We, then, can reasonably deduce based on principles 30, 31 and 32, that without dis-ease the innate intelligence of the body will express itself fully within the limitations of matter. What would happen to humanity as a result of being free from subluxations for 10 generations?

      WHO knows!!! 🙂

      • Steve 01/25/2012, 2:16 pm:

        I would agree Claude, people under regular care should need less care over time, a sign of increasing stability within the system. As opposed to medical care which increases over time because it further destabilizes .

        • JStraussDC 01/25/2012, 10:49 pm:

          No argument Steve, just interested in some clarification. What does increasing stability “within the system mean”? If VS is caused by EIF overcoming IRF how does being under regular care increase IRF? Once a vs is corrected the IF is 100%, you cannot improve upon that. If you improve the matter that might increase the expression of IRF and the matter will improve by being subluxation free for longer periods of time but only to a certain point (to the limits of that particular matter). Unless we do other things to improve the matter but that is not part of our objective.”Other things” would necessitate some meaningful changes in lifestyle eg. eating better, getting more exercise, more rest but again that has certain limitations. We can decrease EIF but that has nothing to do with length of time under care and again is not part of our objective. Am I missing something…something that only you and Claude know?

          • Steve 01/25/2012, 11:49 pm:

            [(and the matter will improve by being subluxation free for longer periods of time)]-
            SHORT ANSWER:The spine and nerves are made of matter.
            LONG ANSWER:
            1. LACVS increases efficiency which allows us to function closer to the LoM. Coordinated matter would be more resilient , have higher integrity than dis-eased tissue.
            2. A subluxated spine would logically be easier to subluxate somewhere else than a non-subluxated spine.
            3. A previously subluxated spine is easier to resubluxate.
            4. A subluxated body is by definition less adaptable to outside influences,ie. easier to irritate.
            5. Prin. #6, Time. Keeping someone subluxation free over time must have a cumulative value if the reverse is true.
            Now I’m sure Claude could have said it better but these are my thoughts on the subject.

          • 01/26/2012, 4:06 pm:

            Innate intelligence is limited by limitations of matter and universal laws. (pri.24). There can be an interference with the transmission of innate forces (pri.29). Interference with transmission within the body is always directly or indirectly due to subluxation in the spinal column (pri.30). This interference is between matter (brain cell) and matter (tissue cell) and therefore is WITHIN MATTER ONLY and NOT WITHIN FORCE which is the second component of the triune. Subluxation (in matter) changes the innate force (mental impulse) which is constructive toward structural matter, back into a universal force (nerve impulse) which is destructive toward structural matter (pri.30, 29, 24) Subluxations CAUSE dis-ease which is a LOSS of integrity of principle 32 which states: Coordination is the principle of harmonious action of all the parts of an organism in fulfilling their offices and purposes. When matter (all the part of an organism) is NOT coordinated, the action of all the parts of an organism (matter) is NON-harmonious. Through deductive reasoning we can conclude that this lack of harmony (due to subluxation in matter) will further limit the matter of that organism and will have a consequence to that matter. What could it be?

            WHO cares!!! 🙂

  2. Steve 01/26/2012, 12:00 am:

    Looking back on all the post, I wonder if it is not a semantics problem. IRF: Is it the metaphysical response of ii. or the capability of the tissue?
    Possibly you were referring to the former, we the latter.

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