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The issue of the soul is answered by chiropractic philosophy. Innate life is not soul life. Thomas Acquinas et al were forced to conclude different soul levels to account for various forms of life. All living organisms, including one-celled organisms,  have innate life. Only human beings have soul life.

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  1. eric seiler 03/16/2012, 8:45 pm:

    If “different soul levels account for various forms of life” what form of life is James Brown?

  2. Howard Hadley 03/18/2012, 12:18 am:

    Excellent. Thanks.

  3. Steve 03/19/2012, 7:05 pm:

    Was Thomas Acquinas a Chiropractic Philosopher or are we back in religion again. Otherwise chiropractic does not address the soul, that is a religious concept. Our philosophy concerns the intelligence, the force and the matter. I’m trying not to FORCE the MATTER, but my INTELLIGENCE suggests that the soul is not an issue, in chiropractic.

    • JStraussDC 03/20/2012, 11:57 am:

      Steve, as long as chiropractors quote from that spurrious book by DD published in 1914 and how BJ talked about innate intelligence being the “subtle substance of the soul” and innate being God in man, I’m afraid we will have to explain why chiropractic is not religion. Perhaps one day chiropractors will be able to draw the line between chiropractic and religion and we can all spend our time understanding chiropractic and more important communicating it to the world. Meanwhile….

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