Q&A #20 The Philosophy of Medicine


We seem to be anxious to criticize and challenge the practices of medicine but rarely do we ever question the philosophy of medicine. What’s wrong with the philosophy of medicine, or all outside-in approaches for that matter? Hopefully, we can come up with more than one thing.

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  1. Paulo Henrique Sugimoto 03/30/2012, 6:14 pm:

    Personally, I never criticize nor challenge the practice or philosophy of medicine. It’s a whole different profession with a whole different objective. I’m busy enough refining the philosophy and practice of my profession.

  2. eric seiler 03/31/2012, 1:34 am:


    1. There is a Universal Weakness in the human constitution.
    2. The Medical Meaning of Disease. The expression of Universal Weakness in the matter of the body is the medical meaning of disease.
    3. The Triune of Disease – in order to have disease you must have weakness, matter and symptoms.
    4. Medical Intelligence. The function of medical intelligence is to create medical force.
    5. The function of medical force is to unify weakness, matter and symptoms in order to create a diagnosis and thus maintain it in existence.
    6. The Amount of Disease in Matter. The amount of disease in matter is always 100% and proportional to the diagnosis.
    7. The Function of Disease. The function of disease is to express symptoms.
    8. The function of symptoms is to give expression to pharmaceuticals.
    9. The forces of pharmaceuticals are unswerving and un-adapted and have no solicitude for the structures on which they work.
    10. The function of diagnosis is to unite symptoms with pharmaceuticals.
    11. Cause and Effect. Symptoms are causative–the effect being prescription. Therefore there can be no prescription without symptoms.
    12. Evidence of Disease – Symptoms are evidence of disease and Universal Weakness in matter.
    13. The Law of Supply and Demand. Demand for pharmaceuticals is always 100% unless otherwise limited by the Limitations of Insurance Coverage.
    14. The Mission of Medical Intelligence. The mission of medical intelligence is to transform symptoms into a diagnosis in order to give expression to pharmaceuticals.

    • Claude Lessard 03/31/2012, 3:10 pm:


      This is definitely the best satire on the philosophy of medicine I’ve ever read and that includes Mendelhson’s take on the “Religion of Medicine”.
      You might have captured the pulse of three of the largest “Powers, Principalities and Persecutions” oppressing people today.

      • eric seiler 03/31/2012, 10:14 pm:

        Hey thanks Claude!

    • Steve 04/02/2012, 5:26 pm:

      Nicely done, though sad isn’t it

  3. Bob Berkowitz 03/31/2012, 2:12 am:

    To Eric; that was funny! Thank you for your satirical piece.

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