Straight Chiropractors


Many Chiropractors who maintain they are “straight”

1.  Diagnose and refer or

2.  Give nutritional Advice or

3.  Believe “by hand only” is the determing factor or

4.  Use only “conservative” physical therapeutics or

5.  Believe subluxations are the cause of all disease or

6.  Believe chiropractic gets sick people well or

7.  Believe practicing HIO is the determing factor or

8.  Believe x-ray is mixing or

9.  The the ICA is a straight organization,

Yet some still believe that we do not need any further descriptive terms to describe the straight chiropractic that we adhere to.  They maintain that terms like non-therapeutic chiropractic, conservative mixer and objective straight confuse the issue rather than clarify it.  Perhaps some of these people need to get out of their ivory towers and into the real world and see some of the things  that pass for straight chiropractic.  We do not need fewer terms, we need more terms to clarify what we do.

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  1. Joe D. 06/16/2012, 1:50 am:

    I have found that those who object to detailed discriptions of what sort of Chiropractic we are discussing are invariably ,by allowing such discription excludeing themselves from the group. They thus take what they precieve as the “noble” course by demeaning such classification.God I love Chiropractors!!!….lol.

  2. Dr. Andrew White 06/16/2012, 11:16 am:

    I went to northwestern. It is a mixer philosophy, for sure. But id rather be in a community full of straights than in one with crazies– trying to sell detoxifying footbaths and goofy multi-level marketing plans. Those things make us look unprofessional and confirm the quack title.

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