The Outside-in Paradigm


Those in the outside-in paradigm want to move us away from holding to the position that  Someone or something  (like the ii of the body) knows, that there are answers, authorities, and  principles above or greater than us They want  to get us to see ourselves (our ed. brain) as the authority and that the only rule or standard is that there are no rules or standards. In that model, decisions when made for society, are made by consensus which is never a good method for determining truth and leads to conflict because of man’s flawed educated brain matter. In the U.S. our authority is our Constitution and those who have sworn to uphold it. In chiropractic, it is our objective and the  (33 plus) principles that support it.

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  1. Steve 06/22/2012, 5:18 pm:

    At one time the consensus was that the world was flat, I hear some still believe it. Philosophically speaking, the only authority over my ii. is ui.

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