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“Philosophically, death can be defined as a state where there is no longer synergistic interaction between the atoms, no harmonious cooperation for the survival of the entity.  In life all the components are interdependent; they contribute to and receive from the good of the whole.  In death, the parts contribute nothing.”

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  1. Joe D. 06/27/2012, 4:51 pm:

    I’m not dead (by defenition), good to know……;–).

    • JStraussDC 06/27/2012, 6:02 pm:

      It’s good for you that in our chiropractic philosophy, we do not establish truth by consensus!:)

  2. Steve 06/27/2012, 8:31 pm:

    Till death do us part, long live Innate.
    Life asks death, why do people love me and hate you, death responds, because you are a beautiful lie and I am a horrible truth. (unknown)

    • Claude 06/27/2012, 8:41 pm:

      – 1. Wholeness = Total life –

      – 2. Death = Total absence of life –

      – 3. Somewhere-in-between = Partial life –

      – “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignore.”
      Aldous Huxley

  3. Dan Sevier 06/29/2012, 10:10 pm:

    That “Something” that held them together is gone.

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