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Most people going to a chiropractor have some sort of problem. Sometimes those being referred to my office actually relate minor complaints that they would ordinarily ignore because they think that they must have one to be seen by the chiropractor. They are so caught up in the outside-in thinking, they cannot conceive of the idea that chiropractors take care of seemingly healthy people. They have not understood that chiropractic is as much for the healthy person as for those with medical conditions.  What are you doing to try to attract  asymptomatic people?

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  1. Paulo Henrique Sugimoto 07/02/2012, 5:04 pm:

    not taking a health history, nor asking or talking about health related topics, in other words, staying in focus and being professional while checking and adjusting subluxations.

  2. Steve 07/02/2012, 5:07 pm:

    Hey Joe,
    Are they “caught up” or just unaware the ADIO perspective is available? You know, it is not like they have ever been given a choice. I think most have no idea there is any other way, they see a DR as a fixer, only.

  3. Don 07/04/2012, 2:43 pm:

    I’m to blame for this. I still catch myself saying, “How are you feeling today?” or “How are you today?” to which many people report symptoms or complaints.
    I know that I need to get away from this way of greeting people and explain my objective more consistently when symptoms are brought up. The most concise explanation I use to help symptom reporting PM’s understand what I do is that the presence or absence of symptoms have no bearing on the presence or absence of subluxation period. However, most of these discussions become much longer than I anticipate for a regular office visit and start running late. No solutions yet. I guess I need to choose to BE more concise and choose to be more consistent 🙂

  4. David Suskin 07/04/2014, 12:07 pm:

    Question; does subluxation or the number of subluxations in a PM have anything to do with the amount of nerve interference or degree of interference to the mental impulse.

    Is there such a thing as amount of subluxation. And the amt of impact that subluxation(s) will have.

    It would seem that the number of subs. The length of time of subs. The degree of subluxation. The level of subs. HAS Nothing to do with how healthy someone is. Or the lifespan of the pm.

    There is no correlation to any specific effect.

    Why? I suggest that
    1 it’s the bodies ability to cope or compensate or
    2 we cannot measure innate forces or mental impulses. Therefore we cannot measure there effects or
    3 it’s not the subluxation one finds. It’s more of the subluxations the body can’t correct. And that is something we really don’t know. We can guess.

    10 subs in one person could be worth 1 in another depending on location. Duration. Adaptation.

    1 subluxation could effect let’s say the stomach. But good mental impulses from another spinal level could allow for effective adaptation.

    Is there anything in the philosophy that suggests that the amount of subluxations a person has had an effect on the severity of problems that a person might have.

    I’d think No. But I wish there was something. SOMETHING honest I could say to a pm that could quantify accurately subluxation.

  5. David Suskin 07/04/2014, 5:10 pm:

    I have a deduction to make
    Based on
    28.) Vertebral adjustment: A vertebral adjustment is a universal force adapted by the innate intelligence of the body for the correction of a vertebral subluxation.

    31. Subluxations – Interference with transmission in the body is always directly or indirectly due to subluxations in the spinal column.

    That vs exists and interferes with innate forces is true
    That we can locate the definitive interfering sux is false.
    All we can do is use our educated intelligence and theorize.
    Misalignments or fixations or even detections of nerve impulse alterations versus The Subluxation. Can’t be done. Since ii corrects the subluxation all we can do is theorize our best. Toggle 1 2 3 4 5-10 or more spinal areas, depending on what you’ve defined as a pre and post check. Make a change. That’s the educated universal force.

    You can focus on HIO 1 vertebra sux concept
    You can focus on biomechanical weak areas pelvis t12 t1 c5 c3 c1
    You can do the million dollar roll

    You don’t want to create excessive educated internal forces.
    No one knows where the sux is. But it exists. 33 principles.

    Ui deducts to ii. Repetitive osc-pm involvement, putting well educated intelligent forces into the spine with the hope that ii to innate forces will be able to take eif’s with the attempt for innate to correct the sux. Expressing ii fully. Where the adjustment occurs? No one can know. It’s metaphysical. And non empirically verifiable.


  6. Claude Lessard 07/05/2014, 4:40 pm:


    The chiropractic objective is to LOCATE, analyze and correct vertebral subluxations for a full expression of the innate forces of the innate intelligence of the body. (pri.13, 20, 23, 27, 28, 29, 31). PERIOD (pri.32). Our intent implies that SOMETIMES we do LOCATE the definitive VS and sometimes we don’t! Therefore your conclusion is incorrect. –

    – In any event it is we WHO can choose to BE as specific as we possibly can with the technique of our choice and HOPE that the LAW of ACTIVE organization will adapt our adjustic thrust and produce a vertebral adjustment (lexicon 28). 😉

  7. David Suskin 07/05/2014, 9:15 pm:

    And in your intent that SOMETIMES we do LOCATE the definitive VS, what is the result of your post check, where was the correction, and if the subluxation indicators changed (alignment, muscle change, ncm, leg length, palpation, etc) , the law of active organization adapting the adjustIc force, that the mental impulse was able to actuate the triune, WHERE did this actually happen?
    That it possibly happened, I don’t doubt.. Where it happened? Tell me.
    And if what happened was the uniting of ii with matter by innate force, could you measure it?

    • Claude Lessard 07/06/2014, 2:13 am:


      We don’t need to know the business of the LAW of ACTIVE organization. Results is NOT our domain. Ours is to LACVS to the best of our educated ability… which is not that much. 😉

      • Bill 07/06/2014, 3:37 am:

        Does our innate ability play a role?
        And if it does, is it much or not that much?

        • Joe Strauss 07/06/2014, 3:51 pm:

          Bill, welcome to the blog as a contributor. As to your question, do you mean “innate” as in intelligence, the matter we are born with, or the force that is being expressed at birth? The intelligence is always 100% at birth and thereafter until death, the force is 100% or less depending upon when the first subluxation occurs. Our matter is always less than 100% depending upon the condition of the inherited genetic material. We are all equal in (innate) intelligence and equal until the first vertebral subluxation and then unequal thereafter.
          Perhaps this Independence Day Weekend is a good time to remind ourselves that we are all created with an innate intelligence that is 100%, making us all equal with regard to biological life (the expression of innate intelligence through matter). We (human beings) all have the liberty (freedom) to choose how we express that biological life and whether we want to pursue temporary (OI) or real (ADIO) happiness.

          • David Suskin 07/06/2014, 4:26 pm:

            Where does that Adio happiness begin?
            What is the best way to epignosticate it in permanence?
            Would Claude say tell the story over and over. P#6.
            And contemplate where the major premise comes from?

            You know I’ve been trying!

          • Joe Strauss 07/07/2014, 3:47 pm:

            Dave, ADIO viewpoint includes more than chiropractic. Since this is a chiropractic blog, I’m not sure issues/discussions on happiness are appropriate. Many people who possess happiness are never adjusted. Conversely many unsubluxated people are not happy. I would be happy to share with you (or anyone else) my belief/thoughts on ADIO happiness in a personal e-mail.

          • David Suskin 07/07/2014, 3:57 pm:

            Thank you Joe,
            Message Understood

      • David Suskin 07/06/2014, 10:56 am:

        Thanks Claude for engaging me.
        ‘Results is NOT our domain. ‘
        Is enough to build a practice,
        To have people seek you out, to have an impact on the world,
        And selfishly to quiet the your own personal shtick? To heal?
        To grow. To find peace of mind? The human condition begs for solutions
        A purely philosophical realization. If you own it. Is a truth to follow. But it all gets so so cerebral.
        Without results. Or predictability or anything concrete. It’s a big challenge versus offering someone a pill or a drink OI or an authority if that will work. To quiet the soul of leaving breathing men and women.

        What is the motivation to build a practice with pm’s if no results. It’s gonna be $$$$ motivated or struggle or survival. There has got to be more heart and faith and love and soul and grace and Healing that comes with it.

        LACVS has to translate into some result that inspires. No Result? That’s a bitter pill.

        Help me here.

        • Claude Lessard 07/07/2014, 2:02 pm:


          Don’t swallow that pill… that would be OIBU! 😉

          • David Suskin 07/07/2014, 2:31 pm:

            I know, I know —
            Actually Claude, I’ve been reading the post on
            <>, amongst other posts, books.

            Quite an exchange, with basically THIS discussion, opinions and
            information presented. Very informative and directing. This entire blog has been and is a treasure. I’m grateful it’s here.

            When you wake up in the morning, What is your greatest source of
            inspiration, and (if applicable), the source that settles all woes, if you will.

            Do you read, do you pray, is it the shower, do you count your blessings.

            What is YOUR 1st step in the day of ADIO living for Claude?
            Eyes open, Woke up >> 1st step? (brushing teeth does not count 🙂


  8. Claude 07/07/2014, 3:30 pm:


    – You stated: “Where does that Adio happiness begin?
    What is the best way to epignosticate it in permanence?
    Would Claude say tell the story over and over. P#6.
    And contemplate where the major premise comes from?” –

    – Here is what Claude would say: ADIO happiness? How about ADIO freedom? Freedom from the stinking thinking of OIBU? That’s what is really going on isn’t it? No condemnation here! 😉 Hey, that’s the society we live in… which is mostly addicted to OIBU-stinking-thinking. It’s NOT your fault! No need to blame. Just name it for what it is… I am a recovered OIBU-stinking-thinker. Every day I know that I am powerless. It is I WHO choose to NOT pick up that OIBU-stinking-thinking. ADIO provides freedom from that choice… “sometimes”. I do NOT have to choose OIBU. That does not mean that I might not choose to put a coat on when it’s 20 below zero outdoor or have a surgical by pass if I have a heart attack. That’s WHAT educated intelligence is for. In the end… KNOW your ABOVE law… that is way DOWN at your center… which is INSIDE you… and let it OUT!!!!!!!!! ~~~ over and over and over and over and over again in as many creative ways as doable to WHO you choose to share the story with. That’s sufficient unto itself… FREEDOM AT LAST! FREEDOM AT LAST! FREEDOM AT LAST!

    • David Suskin 07/07/2014, 3:55 pm:

      TY Claude.
      You say
      ‘ Every day I know that I am powerless” I assume that’s powerless to II?

      but not powerless to make a choice.

      But there is anxiety in that powerlessness, yet even more when you hand your freedom over, yes? no?

      I want it back, I claim it!
      But there is this UNLEARNING Process which is infiltrated, tinctured so so much. Tough! It’s tough!

      You have said Willingness, versus Willfulness, yet it takes, at least alot of WillFULNESS to combat it. Over and over and over and over.

      Perhaps an OI problem, requires an OI solution meaning, I’ll say it,
      SOME TECHNIQUE, SOME PATHWAY, SOME MENTORING – so that’s what I”m doing. Making choices. Not throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Take what works, or has worked somewhat, put it in the ADIO Queue, keep at it…

      for me >> I gotta talk, I gotta get things off my chest, get things out, get perspective…

      I read something in Joes book (building an OSC practice) about how he basically told the philosophy, not in a lecture, but to a patient, soup to nuts, to a pastor, and basically he wound up referring his whole congregation. I’m almost doing that. (Don’t forget, I”m starting out again, so I have less time constraints). If it’s the right person(s), and they get the message and I stick to my mission and objective, things as they would seem, WILL happen, for the good of all.

      Maybe that’s what I need to say in the morn, 1st thing.
      after i kiss my wife, of course 🙂

      • Claude Lessard 07/07/2014, 5:36 pm:


        Every day I acknowledge that I am powerless to manage the functions of my body. It is I WHO choose to rely on the law of ACTIVE organization to do that work. It’s been 40 years now… and to tell you the truth, it is NOT getting easier. It’s very humbling to live the way. Welcome to the “jungle”! 😉

  9. David Suskin 07/07/2014, 6:49 pm:

    Before, one of my words got commented out, accidentally.
    I mentioned that I was reviewing the RESULTS posting where there was quite a lively discussion.

    That’s why I posted my initial comment in this Asymptomatic Post.
    I certainly saw (in Results), that there were many references to Chiropractors NEEDING, or DEFINING Results as physical entities or some, like you Claude and Joe, sticking to your philo guns with the expression of ii fully as your Objective ONLY.

    Ya know, I love Jazz so if someone mentions the word to me, my eyes light up, my heart starts beating harder, my mind and ears start to open up. Just one word >> Jazz, or even Music!

    For some, it’s a word. They need Physical. Ya gotta be able to dance to it, or be cool with it. It’s kind of a (I’ll say it just for this discussion), superficial, misunderstanding of the realm of music.

    For your guys (Claude, Joe, Steve?, others, many others) Chiropractic? All you need maybe is Innate Intelligence Expressed more fully. You get it!, You’ve seen it, You’ve witnessed something, in Practice. For the Student, and for the Slippers (like me, and many many others, mixers?, whoever), perhaps philosophically weak, we haven’t, or something to that effect.

    It can’t just be a mental process, a philosophical experience. It has to be a perspective, how you wake up in the morning without thinking, something that engaged you, made you fall in love with Chiropractic. I fell in love with it and then fell out of love and I look for the relationship again.

    I know, I know, tell the story over and over. Learn the philosophy, study it, it’s all there and yes, I adjust my PM’s, the few I have at this time, and the I tell the story better and better, checking myself, at least after the PM exists till the next time.

    The experience of doing pre-check, adjusting, postcheck >> clearing PMs of subluxation. It’s an interesting, and sometimes profound experience. I do think of it sometimes Claude, like you’ve said, like I’m touching the metaphysical when I adjust in the vertemere. I touch the patients physical swimming in II. Something like that.

    These are experiences that make you want to tell the story, HAVE to tell the story.

    But Results. They’re very tangible things. Much easier to stay in that realm, accumulate stories and experiences and a PERSPECTIVE, that wakes up with you, when you open your eyes in the morning.

    The jungle, the choosing to rely on the law of ACTIVE organization to do that work, in time, with LOM, with the powerlessness and humbleness >> That’s why various principles I get flat on, or stuck on eg. principle 28. The Conductors of Innate Forces – The forces of Innate Intelligence operate through or over the nerve system in animal bodies.

    I get it, but it is an Inductive assumption yes/no
    it’s not deductive, so there is a leap of faith there yes/no

    I”ve got to process and use BJ’s Conflict of Philosophy, use this blog arena to clear my doubts, so that I may be a principled chiropractor, and even with the Powerlessness, I won’t need Physical Results, just Philosophical Truth. Will I ever be ready? Will I ever get there

    Remember I left Chiropractic for reasons. I see now, Joe has identified them all in his blue books. They’re almost all there, let’s say. And I’m coming back to Chiropractic for reasons, knowing that it was the philosophy that attracted me to this profession in the first place, that was my peak interest, which perhaps was or is unusual.

    So I do continue to ask for guidance in debate, in principle, in practicing.

    I don’t mean to get to melancholy. I do apologize. Don’t mean to make this NOT Philosophically tinged, just within the realm of emotion.

    I look for the EASE in Chiropractic Objective to be perceptual, experiential.

    I continue, WITHOUT taking the bitter Pill 🙂

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