The Non-therapeutic Chiropractic Approach to Nutrition


Eating good food is better than eating bad food. Don’t know the difference? Don’t ask me, I have enough trouble trying to figure it out for my own body.

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  1. joey k 07/06/2012, 4:50 pm:

    joe, i was about to scold you on your use of “chiropractic approach to ____” in the email. then i read and saw the sarcasm. seems the proper “chiropractic approach” to any problem is to deny there is a chiropractic approach to any problem (other than subluxation)

  2. Bob Berkowitz 07/06/2012, 5:23 pm:

    I start with: food is ALWAYS better than NO food; good food is Always better than bad food: good thing I don’t have to figure out which is which. Same for exercise. I do know that PROPER food is NEVER harmful. If it were harmful then it was NOT proper. Exercise is ALWAYS better than NO exercise. Proper exercise is NEVER harmful.

    • Don 07/06/2012, 7:00 pm:

      What if they ask what is PROPER/non-harmful food..??
      or PROPER/Non-harmful exercise?

  3. eric Seiler 07/06/2012, 11:20 pm:

    Certainly a NTOSC can punt on the nutrition questions. But given the fact that you believe that the subluxation is limiting to life, and given that you agree that chemical, physical and emotion stress can effect the equation between internal resistance and external force, would it not then at least be morally appropriate for you to actively recommend the patient seek the council of someone who can answer these questions?

    • JStraussDC 07/07/2012, 12:50 am:

      Actually Eric, when it comes to questions about anything other than vertebral subluxation, it is not only appropriate” but it is NTOSC case management policy that the chiropractor “recommend the patient seek the council of someone who can answer these questions”. Are you new to this blog? What, pray tell, did you think a NTOSCor says when asked one of these questions?

      • eric Seiler 07/07/2012, 1:10 am:

        Joe – Well…let’s see…based on some of the suggestions in this thread:
        “Eating good food is better than eating bad food”
        “Food is better than no food”
        “Good food is better than bad food”
        “Proper food is never harmful”
        Brilliant stuff. You guys rock.
        If you really believe what you say you believe about this matter…you should probably not say anything at all!

  4. Ben Tinker 07/11/2012, 2:55 pm:

    By definition NTOSC cannot give an opinion on any else other than chiropractic. Hence the word objective.
    From the chiropractic philosophy stand point the Innate Intelligence should know exactly what it is doing and we should be so intune with it that we choose the right food choices for us at that specific moment in time.
    From my understanding I could never say you need x grams of vitamin z for y number of days. How the hell do I know? Or you? If you do take vitamin z and your body wants more of it then it would be wise to do so.
    I have found if you mix chiropractic and other things (even if it is advices) your practice slips. If you want volume, stay talking TIC and giving love all else doesn´t belong.

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