Quantum Physics and Newtownian Physics


Discussing the above two areas of study is like comparing apples and oranges. Newtonian physics is based upon empirical information.  Quantum physics is, at best, rationalism (in this case, using inductive reasoning). At worst, it may be faith masquerading as science. So why does science openly embrace the quantum model but reject chiropractic as unscientific when it is no less so than quantum physics?

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  1. Tariq Faridi 07/11/2012, 7:55 pm:

    In 1867 Sir James Paget, wrote a paper in the British Medical Journal titled “Cases that bonesetters cure” where he stated “you must learn the art of bonesetting, for if you don’t, the bonesetters will cure a disease, that you have failed to cure, where their income will be marred”. Yes, it is all about income. Driven by what the bible calls sorcery, where they practice on their subjects, Pharmakopia, medicine is a pharma driven economic model all based on greed and profit, in many cases at the expense of human lives.

    Chiropractic on the other hand, is a healing based model, starting with Harvey Lillard’s hearing being restored, as a result of what is now being proven at Harvard and MIT labs under the theories of Tensegrity and Mechanotransduction. They allow PTs. Massage therapists and Acupuncturist in their labs, write papers in their journals. But exclude chiropractors.

    Mechanotransduction systems have proven that a mechanical thrust (tensile stress) creates chemicals in the body that restore homeostasis,

    It has even measured the chemicals in hair follicles that restore hearing loss, part of the changes in the Transducers (integrins) otherwise known by chiropractors as Transducers (Mechano Receptors that cause Transduction, thus the word Mechanotransduction).

    If chiropractic could only embrace, teach and practice, side by side Donald Ingber of Harvard or Fletcher of Stanford’s Mechanotrasnduction labs, they will rise above MDs and become Mechanogenesists, the highest caliber of Mechano-Medical Transduction caused by the adjustment,.

    I can insert over 150 RCT or Ph D dissertation level References to what I have written above, from my memory, with back up powerpoints done by the top neuroscientists, biomechanical engineers and even a few Nobel Laureates.

    • eric Seiler 07/12/2012, 1:17 am:

      Dr. Faridi,
      Does mechanotransduction explain why sometimes you can hit a sick person on the rear end with a shovel and they will “get better”?

    • Don 07/12/2012, 1:55 am:

      I think I need Mr. Faridi to explain why an NTOSCor would feel a need to “rise above MDs and become Mechanogenesists”?
      I think I am misunderstanding the intent of his message.

      • Tariq Faridi 11/20/2012, 2:06 am:

        Read the paper “Mechanobiology and Diseases of Mechanotransduction” by Donald Ingber, MD the father of Mechanatransduction theory.

        He does a better job explaining, instead of me getting into a CAT fight here, I am just a researcher – so listen to the experts.

    • Garry 07/12/2012, 3:02 pm:

      Hello Tariq, Can you email me more information about what you are saying above. Sounds very interesting. Thanks Garry
      email; globalchiropractic@yahoo.es

  2. Steve 07/11/2012, 9:09 pm:

    Sorry Joe, I would like to comment but I am not a PHYSICian.

  3. David McGonagle 07/11/2012, 10:03 pm:

    Quantum physics allows science to add “hope” to their empirical data.

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