Outside-in Thinking


The real danger to outside-in thinking is that those with that viewpoint desire to run people’s lives in what they think is in the best interests of that person. That makes them feel altruistic. To the majority in a free society where people want the right to make their own decisions, that is not acceptable. That is why most people will not admit to being an outside-in thinker. The only people who will admit to being outside-in thinkers are those who are so arrogant that they are convinced they are so much smarter than anyone else.  They believe that everyone will see that and desire for them to make their life decisions for them. Unfortunately, they can usually find enough lazy, irresponsible, non-thinking people willing to have someone run their lives and they are encouraged to continue on their outside-in course.

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  1. Richie Barone 09/19/2012, 6:50 pm:

    That’s why running an OSC practice is considered so fringe. We are taught to think outside in and look to the experts to tell us how to live, eat, drink, act, etc. Then we come along and go completely against the program. Everyday practice members ask me: should I do this? etc. yes it becomes an educational opportunity but it is easy to get caught up into outside-in thinking.

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