The Law Of Organization


The law of organization/universal intelligence organizes matter on the atomic level because all matter is made up of atoms. That is why its forces can be said to be destructive toward structural matter and not be considered “bad.” The atomic level is the most stable state of matter. Living matter, that which is functioning in coordination, is the most structured matter and the most unstable. When innate-structured matter is “destroyed” we say that death has occured. But it still maintains “universal life” (the expression of ui through matter-existence) and is in its most stable state.

There are different levels of the law of organization. They are created by the law of affinity. Under certain circumstances the law of affinity will take precedence. It does not negate the law of organization any more than the law of aerodynamics negates the law of gravity. It just supercedes it. The law of affinity manifests itself on different levels. First, on the atomic level causing protons, neutrons and electrons to form elements. The second level causes elements to form molecules. But just as gravity is always working on an airplane to bring it down to its most stable state, (on the ground) the law of organization is always trying to break down matter into its most stable state (the atomic level). If we study matter and its organizational characteristics, we notice that the atoms, elements, and compounds sometimes begin to function in an organized manner in which all the parts function in a coordinated way. At that point we arbitrarily call that phenomena of organization, the law of life, or innate intelligence.

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  1. Nathan 11/03/2012, 5:36 pm:

    cool Joe!

  2. Steve 11/05/2012, 5:12 pm:

    Hey Joe,
    What you are describing is the law of entropy. Maybe the term deconstructive would have less negativity associated with it, as opposed to destructive. After all it is only going to it’s most stable state, not total annihilation.
    Now let me see if I have these laws of organization or “levels of intelligence” straight?
    1. Atomic
    2. Molecular
    3. Compound UI only
    4. Cellular UI & II
    5. tissue
    6. Organ
    7. System
    8. Body
    9. Species (humans)
    10. Class (mammals)
    11.Phylum (vertebrata)

    1 – 3, inanimate
    1 – 5, plant
    1 – 9, animals (non-vertebrates)
    1 – 10, mammals
    1 – 11, humans and other vertebrates

    UI = 1 – 11, II = 4 – 11

    • Don 11/06/2012, 1:15 am:

      Thanks for this post Dr. Lessard.

    • Don 11/06/2012, 1:15 am:

      Thanks Joe.

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