Reality lies in your thinking, based upon knowledge. For NTOSCors, that knowledge is derived from an ADIO world and life viewpoint. According to outside-in thinking, reality is based upon what you feel at the moment. That changes with your changing circumstances, changing body chemistry and every factor that influences emotions. The applcation of these contrasing viewpoints in the chiropractic profession is what seperates a therapeutic from a non-therapeutic chiropractor.

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  1. David Suskin 06/02/2014, 2:35 pm:

    Most of the time, people aren’t aware of what they feel. First you have to be aware of what you feel, and that can be know easy task.
    I suggest that the feeling of vulnerability is a low level feeling which EVERYONE feels, but copes with differently. Some deny it, some become like stone emotionally, some show tremendous amts of anger (hot heads), some are depressed (loss of control)…

    ADIO works best when all is perceived as unstressed, but typically as soon as stress comes the way of most people >> they jump into coping patterns and OIDU thinking.

    I think it’s a challenge to stay ADIO, real ADIO. That’s called a wise man, and that is not common.

    This is what I’m suggesting. That Reality, or LIFE is complex, and the attempt at ADIO is noble. You Joe, wisely have suggested that ADIO communicates to Educated as >> Common Sense, and I agree but that is kind of simplistic, and I believe that for such a complex adjustment, that Life Demands (coping, and knowing oneself, and being able to make positive changes in oneself and ones situations), needs more analysis and usage of methods to truly remove the Interferences that Educated Intelligence is faced with with perhaps the effective Universal methods that are not so much mechanistic (OIDU), but Natural ADIO tools for coping.

    I’m not suggesting we get into the subject of Psychology or ADIO methods of Coping, but it would be useful, I think, if the detail of HOW to cope and make personal change is discussed in light of Chiropractic Lifestyle, ADIO lifestyle and viewpoint

    Any Ideas?

    • Steve 06/03/2014, 2:06 pm:

      You make some good points. I don’t believe most people take the time to think, especially about their world view. It seems most people react according to learned behaviors (coping mechanisms are learned) without consideration as to why they have come to that decision. I wonder if we have a choice as to whether we see the glass as half full or half empty? Until we are given a choice do we even know there is a difference?
      As far as innate to educated communication, the term that comes to mind is congruency. As BJ said, positive survival value. If any organ produces correctly we have PSV, congruency, ease. The physical brain, when working correctly should have ease and produce congruent actions toward survival. Putting on a coat when it is cold outside is only promoting ease when you are outside in the cold. Thew ADIO perspective on personal change then should be congruent with ease of survival.

      • David Suskin 06/03/2014, 4:40 pm:

        Thanx for the reply!

        As per: I wonder if we have a choice as to whether we see the glass as half full or half empty?

        me – It would seem that this perspective is ingrained in peoples, i’ll say educated, from the very early years until the glass IS empty šŸ™‚

        But this is in a way what I’m referring too. The fact that in many, most, as time goes on you see your own friends and it would appear that
        I’ll say in most cases, in many aspects (eg. optimistic, pessimistic) PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE, That Much.

        But Why?
        It would seem that Educated becomes like stone with reflexive behaviors that would almost constitute a progressive Educated Intelligent LOM

        Congruence (which is a mental, educated expression), yes Steve, very true. It’s the tail tell sign of ADIOing.
        Trauma – (Physical, Chemical, Mental) can create scenarios that are almost impossible to change – no-win situations psychologically at least – Very difficult. I think sometimes LOM is sometimes used as the psychological bale out. When in doubt, when you think that Innate should be doing it’s job but isn’t >> LOM

        Not very helpful, when you’re trying to be congruent and you turn east, west, north, south >> and there’s inconsistency and hypocrisy, etc. (Pessimist me šŸ™‚

        There’s alot of LOM, maybe as it applies to Educated (the inflexibility of people, there ability to make major changes in themselves), and i think that warrant perhaps OIDU approaches, not mechanistic persae, but helping hands that assist. Maybe that should be called UDOI. >>> ???


        maybe if one cannot become congruent with their circumstances, then YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES, and if you don’t, well, You’re stuck with it, or >>>> thinking>>>>>>

        see, this is where Meditation, personal techniques to quiet the mind, the power of Now kind of thing, working on yourself >> can be helpful to keep you more congruent until you can make the external and internal changes on a more permanent basis.

        Anyway >> again >> thanx for the reply.
        Sometimes I think blogs, and peoples opinions and debate and learning are all well and good, but the proof is in what SITS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

        Ahhhhh Life šŸ™‚

    • Joe Strauss 06/03/2014, 5:29 pm:

      Dave, what you feel is not a very good criteria for truth. That is why we use deduction in chiropractic. It enables us to think about and filter our thoughts through the filter of principles. Feelings change constantly. They are often a product of the gut (“gut feeling”) and not the heart (the thinking part of the head). The “gut” is often a feeling resulting from what you ate last night or worse what you drank last night. It is difficult to argue with someone’s feelings and so we don’t reach an intelligent , acceptable conclusion. ( You can always say, “I understand your rationale and while it is intelligent and makes sense, I still prefer my gut feelings”)
      You are correct that “LIFE is complex” but I have found that many of the complexities can be answered by simple principles and a world and life viewpoint that has passed your own standard of reason.

      • David Suskin 06/03/2014, 6:04 pm:

        Joe, I understand, it might not be a good criteria, you’re right, but I think I’m talking about the feelings we don’t want to feel, may never truly resolve, lay low in the background that are affecting you (These are feelings that have come from childhood and they are functioning subconsciously). Not a gut feeling really, more of a broken heart feeling. Those are the feelings that are affecting your behavior and personality (eg. extravert (needs attention), introvert (self esteem) >> Basically I’m talking Freud, etc. You know what I’m talking about.

        People! Baggage! Situations that are Not resolvable (eg. Soldier with PTSD – came back from war, saw death – feels many many things, guilt, pain, loss, etc. ) – Person will have to live with those feelings and move on. Do the best they can. Or a parent who’s lost a child, god forgive and I pray for those parents. How do they go on and Succeed?! Things like that. Not, Someone took my parking spot and I’m mad, How can I be a Chiropractor?

        Difficult things in oneself that do not change. What simple principle(s) and world view point, or it can be complex if you will will resolve these types of Complex Human Issues, to allow Success and ADIO Viewpoint?

  2. Steve 06/03/2014, 5:16 pm:

    In order for adaptation or change to occur, there must be a stimulus, assessment, intellectual adaptation, and follow through. Finding at which level the process is stuck in, is the first step to progress.

    • David Suskin 06/03/2014, 5:32 pm:

      Go on Steve,
      What is this
      stimulus, assessment, intellectual adaptation, and follow through
      paradigm you speak of?

      In full…
      Methods for change or Methods for ADIO Living
      by Steve (aka ??)

      I await your assistance, if you care to


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