I Don't Know.


Why is it we are so embarrassed making that statement? Perhaps we should make an effort to explain to people just how much we and all of science don’t know about anything, epecially when it comes to matters concerning the human body.

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  1. Bob Berkowitz 01/30/2013, 5:05 pm:

    Welcome back, Joe. What I do know is that YOU were in my daily prayers.

  2. Don Foit 01/30/2013, 5:51 pm:

    Welcome back Joe!

  3. Janell Chandler 01/30/2013, 5:55 pm:

    Glad to see you back Joe!! šŸ™‚ I think it’s a great think to tell patients we don’t KNOW a lot about science and medicine. I’m pretty sure most of them are under the impression that doctors know everything about the body…and it would be a wake-up call for them to hear otherwise.

  4. Richie Barone 01/30/2013, 6:05 pm:

    Welcome back Joe: I guess God still has work for U 2 do! Trying to teach all of us and getting us to think Outside the Box……

  5. Jim Peck 01/30/2013, 7:17 pm:

    Want to chime in with my welcome as well. You had us very concerned and am glad to see you back in action. I have never been afraid of admitting I don’t know, it is much rarer that I can say hey I know this one.

  6. Steve 01/30/2013, 8:27 pm:

    Hey Joe,
    I do know, that I am glad to see you’re back on line.

  7. Charles Hollensed DC 01/30/2013, 9:00 pm:

    Good to see you able to sit up and blog. I don’t know what we would do without you

  8. Trent 01/30/2013, 9:49 pm:

    Welcome back!

  9. StraightDC 01/30/2013, 11:05 pm:

    Nice to see you back in action! I don’t know if you are back practicing yet, but glad to see your new title in my inbox!

    The reason I think we are embarassed at saying “I don’t know” is that a person has chosen us & is paying us to help them with a health problem. My goal is to answer all their questions as best I can & to provide the best service possible. In any other profession, if you don’t know something then it may reflect on your competence on the subject, but since we are dealing with the human body, it is the absolute truth that we do NOT know & we owe it to them to tell them that.
    I can still hear Dr. Dick Plummer at one of his seminars saying over & over again I DON’T KNOW………I DON’T KNOW. He made his point!

  10. Nathan Nix 01/31/2013, 4:24 am:

    we love you Joe!

  11. Don 01/31/2013, 11:10 am:

    Glad to see you are back getting us to think critically.
    You are a great writer.
    Wish you and your family all the very best.

  12. Claude Lessard 01/31/2013, 12:55 pm:


    I’m very happy that you are posting again. Thank you. šŸ˜‰ –

    Back in the 70s Joe Flesia quoted many time that the president of the Academie Francaise of Science once said: “We, of the Academie Francaise, maintain that we know just about 1/1000th of 1% of the human body”. –

    – Flesia was ALWAYS putting things in perspective. He constantly taught that, no matter how much we know about the human body, it is very little knowledge and that we should be awe struck by the innate law perfectly governing it’s 25-40,000,000,000,000,000 living tissue cells, just like Reggie said. –

    – More recently, McGill University neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, in “The Ultimate Brain Quest,” writes:

    “Neuroscientists posit that all of our hopes, desires, beliefs and experiences are encoded in the brain as patterns of neural firings. Just how this happens is not precisely understood, as the author attests, but we have made great strides in understanding how neurons communicate with one another. Progress has also been made in mapping which brain systems control which kinds of operations (my own field of research).” –

    – As advanced as we are, why do we understand so little about the brain? – Let’s see… In his book, Levitin mentions that: –

    – The human brain contains 100 million neurons –

    – Each neuron, on average, makes thousands of connections –

    – Each distinct connection pattern gives rise to a distinct brain state –

    – This means that the number of brain states probably exceeds the number of known particles in the universe. –

    – What does that mean to me as a chiropractor? –

    – Simply stated, it further validates the FACT that innate intelligence is the immutable LAW of “living things” and reinforces, for me, the ADIO world view. –

    – It is me WHO chooses to tell story over and over and over and over and over again, in as many ways as my creativity allows, to as many people as I choose to. –

    – Beyond that? –

    – I DON’T KNOW šŸ™‚

  13. Nick Spano 01/31/2013, 1:05 pm:

    Sometimes the only thing that I know is that I don’t know much! But I know this…I’m so glad that you are feeling better!

  14. scott 02/04/2013, 11:46 pm:

    Glad to see you back Joe! Great post Claude!

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