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Effect nearly always follows cause immediately. If it does not you must question whether it is THE cause . It may be but it is more likely a contributing factor rather than the cause. It seems to me that B.J. and those that followed him were incorrect in maintaining that VS was the cause of all disease (if, in fact, he did) for disease does not occur immediately following the VS and it does not occur immediately following DIS-EASE. Usually other contributing factors are necessary, factors like bacteria. VS is therefore a contributing factor in disease at best. B.J. was correct in his assertion that DIS-EASE was caused by VS. DIS-EASE occurs immediately following a VS. In NTOSC we maintain that VS causes DIS-EASE as did B.J. but we do not maintain that it is the cause of any or all disease do some traditional chiropractors.

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  1. Mike Adney 02/05/2013, 3:15 am:

    So would you say this even in diseases such as autoimmune disorders like Type 1 Diabetes, where there’s no viral or bacterial cause? If it’s purely a breakdown of the function of organs or tissue, and that breakdown was the direct result of VS, wouldn’t that then be the cause? Or are you saying that THE cause would be a malfunctioning immune system, which was caused by the VS? I just mention this specifically because I am a Type 1 diabetic and routinely when I get adjusted, I am subluxated at T7 which, the Meric Chart shows, controls the pancreas.

    On a side note, I’m in Term 1 of chiropractic college and am reading a book called, “Principles and Practice of Chiropractic” by Scott Haldeman, and noticed one of the Key References is Strauss, JB. Refined by Fire: The evolution of straight chiropractic. Thanks for all you do Joe.

    • JStraussDC 02/05/2013, 12:57 pm:

      Mike, it is likely that genetics, viruses, bacteria, diet, as well as VS are all contributing factors. Which ones we do not know, exept that we LACVS as our objective. Most other contributing factors can and should be addressed by the individual. In your example (type 1 diabetes), diet and heredity and lack of activity (exercise) are probably all factors., as well as the VS. Which health contributing factors should an individual address? All of them! Getting regularly to a chiropractor to have the spine checked for VS is the only one that involves NTOSC. Good question Mike and best wishes for success in youur education.

      • Claude Lessard 02/05/2013, 1:29 pm:


        Do you mean that ALL that the pancreas needs to function properly is a good nerve supply? How about blood supply, oxygen, nutrients, multiple chemicals produced by many other organ and glands of the body? In other words, the ability of the pancreas to properly produce insulin depends on many factors. This requires time and motion of matter, which is the reason WHY diseases have multiple factors. –

        – On the other hand, WHEN a vs occurs, vs IMMEDIATELY alters the transmitting matter which IMMEDIATELY changes the character of the mental impulse with intelligent direction (an innate force… which is constructive) into a nerve impulse without intelligent direction (a universal force… which is deconstructive). The FLOW of impulses is IMMEDIATELY lacking EASE. The information of innate intelligence for coordination is lacking the metaphysical component and will result in a lack of coordination of the body. –

        – That’s is WHY we ascertain that DIS-EASE is caused by interference with the transmission of innate forces (pri.30) and that interference with transmission within the body is always directly or indirectly due to subluxation in the spinal column (pri.31). The CAUSE of DIS-EASE is vertebral subluxation. –

        – VS violates principle 21 with the loss of active organization of ALL the parts of the body and violates principle 32 with the loss of harmonious action of ALL the parts as well. –

        • Claude 02/05/2013, 4:16 pm:


          I just realized that you are in your first term of chiropractic college. Congratulations and welcome to the blog! I am quite impressed and edified by your posting on “Chiropractic Outside the Box”. You already show us the interest you have in understanding the philosophy of chiropractic. Also, I understand what I posted before might be difficult to grasp at the stage you are in. I would highly recommend Strauss’ book titled: Chiropractic Philosophy. It would give you a solid foundation. 🙂

          • Don 02/07/2013, 11:27 pm:

            I second that recommendation. I wish I read it sooner.

  2. Steve 02/05/2013, 7:59 pm:

    Hey Joe,
    Effect nearly always follows cause immediately.??? How long does it take to see arthritic spurs after misalignment, 10 to 15 years. Was the process occurring the whole time, yes. Can significant alteration accumulate before it is observable, of course.
    Dis-coordination produced by Dis-ease is a state of disease, a sub-threshold state to noticeable pathology. What other effects of long term or severe disorganization are there?
    I understand the rational behind OSC is an emphasis on correcting the subluxation for the subluxation’s sake, but let’s not forget, Intelligence through force ORGANIZES MATTER. The proof/result of what we do is well maintained and organized matter, a major component of health. Chiropractic is more than healthcare but healthcare is an important part of chiropractic, or most of us would not be doing it.
    Germs do not cause disease any more than flies cause garbage, for germs are ever present. This is the cause and affect fallacy of approximation , germs however do not attack healthy tissue. Otherwise it would be the germ law not the germ theory. Not everyone exposed contracts.
    Our philosophy logically demonstrates it is a lack of Innate Intelligence expressed within the body (dis-ease) that causes a deviation from normal…disease. Yes trauma, heredity, nutritional deficiencies and neglect are factors as well but not the ones we address.
    Please, in your efforts to simplify and clarify, do not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Chiropractic enhances the human experience and true health is part of that experience.

  3. Don 02/06/2013, 1:48 am:

    Significant alterations accumulate before observable changes. I can agree with that.
    Dis-ease produces dis-coordination.
    Dis-ease is a state of disease, a sub-threshold state of noticeable pathology. These ones I struggle with…

    I have heard the progression that dis-ease is lack of ease, lack of normal function. When enough life force/messages in the brain do not get through to the tissue because a vs is present, the tissue compensates.

    When this process gets to a point, let’s say 50 % of the messages (arbitrary point as it cannot be measured in percentages) are getting through then we reach a point at which the tissues CANNOT compensate. The tissues begin the breakdown, they get SICK and begin to DIE. This is the natural result of shutting off the life. You get the opposite of life ….death. This is the end result of the PROCESS.

    When enough tissues die, we get that thing that everyone is so very concerned about….

    So the process seems to be, vs occurs causes Dis-ease in the body. Life force from the brain now isn’t getting through to the tissues because a vs is present. If the vs remains in the spine sometimes, months and years can go by and the process continues to a point where breakdown of tissue, tissue death and the end of a process occurs. It certainly explains why vs is so very detrimental to health. Any thoughts?

    • Steve 02/06/2013, 3:53 am:

      Hey Don,
      Tissues do not adapt do they? Aren’t they are adapted by the Mental Impulse? Intellectual adaptation is a process of reorganization in response to environmental changes, right? My goal is not to confuse. I just have a hard time with the blanket statement that subluxations do not cause disease. Disease is not the only result of subluxations nor is subluxation the only cause of disease, but they are most definately related. Ask yourself what would be the results of longterm dis-ease? What would be the affect on the body of widespread discoordination? What unfolds with rampant reductions in Limits of Matter?

      • JStraussDC 02/06/2013, 3:14 pm:

        Steve, tissues do adapt, that’s what life is all about-adaptation. intellectual adaptation is a metaphysical/innate/perfect response which may or may not result in adaptation of the tissues (the matter) depending upon the matter’s limitations as Claude has pointed out in his last comment.
        Confusion is merely a conflict in thinking and Conflicts Clarify, unless of course the onfusion is purposeful. I don’t believe anyone on this blog would accuse you of that. If disease is a process and there is no process that does not take time (prin#4) then we can assume that disease takes time. The only exception might be a fall or injury that causes a VS and immediately causes the symptoms of disease. That is why Palmer in his philosophy differentiated between disease and trauma. Our broadscope bretheren seem to want to address the VS cause of disease/trauma only (musculoskeletal diseases), where the taditional chiropractor wants to address the cause of all diseses in the VS. The NTOSC wants to address no diseases but only a cause of DIS-EASE. True, as you say, VS and disease are related, we are just not inclined to describe that relationship as CAUSE without empirical proof (direct relationship) as was BJ was inclined to do but rather as a contributing factor to be philosophically correct and not open to argument with the empiricists.

        • Steve 02/06/2013, 6:10 pm:

          Hey Joe,
          Tissue (matter) does not adapt itself, it must be adapted by the Mental Impulse, correct? The fact that a cell operates within a very narrow range of parameters indicates a lack of self-adaptability. The hand does not callus itself with use any more than the steak can fight a parasitic attack. A pancreatic cell does not know how much insulin to produce without a proper nerve supply, does it? If matter contains only Universal Intelligence as evidenced by hair and nail cells that continue to produce after death, then I am suggesting, it is not adaptable.
          Please explain to me how a cell adapts without a proper nerve supply providing a Mental Impulse designed by Innate Intelligence’s Intellectual Adaptation.
          (“Intellectual” Adaptation infers a process of the mind not the body) Does denervated tissue adapt?

          • Claude 02/06/2013, 10:08 pm:

            – Intellectual adaptation is a metaphysical concept pointing to PERFECT and IMMEDIATE activity from universal intelligence and innate intelligence. It is the universal law of change which governs physical adaptation. Since intellectual adaptation is metaphysical, it is IMMEDIATE and NOT subject to limitations of time. At this level, there is NO time, only eternity. It literally means that WHATEVER the need of the matter is, IMMEDIATE and PERFECT in-form-ation is created “uniting” intelligence and matter (pri.10), and begins to be expressed by matter (pri.13). From the initial “moment” of being expressed by matter in-form-ation is subject to the limitations of matter and time (pri.24) and there can be interference with the transmission of in-form-ations (pri.29). –

            – On the other hand, physical (matter) adaptation is bound by limitations of matter (pri.24). Physiological adaptation requires many things including innate forces (mental impulses in the LIVING body), nutrients, oxygen, etc… Since matter can have no motion without the application of force by intelligence (pri.15) and motion in matter requires time, physical adaptation is bound by the limits of time.

      • Don 02/06/2013, 10:34 pm:

        Hey everyone,
        So I guess the verdict is out, that process from dis-ease to tissue breakdown, to dead cells is not presently empirically validated.
        VS and diseaase are related but a causal relationship cannot be see/proven empirically so the NTOSC does not address the connection.

        Question: If there was a direct relationship discovered, would NTOSC address change to addressing disease?

        • JStraussDC 02/06/2013, 11:08 pm:

          That’s a good question,don!does the nonreductionistic philosophy of chiropractic reject the medical/monocausal approach to disease. good question for philosophical discussion.i think we have already demonstrated a direct relationship with vs and back pain….or have we??

        • Claude 02/06/2013, 11:57 pm:


          – Your “Question: If there was a direct relationship discovered, would NTOSC address change to addressing disease?” –

          – The NTOSC is one WHO chooses to practice the objective of chiropractic which is to : LACVS for a full expression of the innate forces of the innate intelligence of the living body. PERIOD! The outcome of this choice is of NO concern to NTOSC. The living human body is better off without interference with the transmission of its innate forces. In other words, the living human body ALWAYS needs accurate IN-FORM-MATIONS. 😉

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