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Being an objective straight chiropractor is thought to mean one who has has an objective and that is true. But there is another definition of objective. It is the opposite of subjective. It means that you act upon standards greater than subjective, self -focused ones. What are the objective standards of objective straight chiropractic?

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  1. Claude Lessard 02/23/2013, 12:56 pm:


    For clarification’s sake and I know we had many discussions about this before, there NO such things as objective straight chiropractic. There is ONLY chiropractic and chiropractors WHO choose to practice its philosophy, science and art. It’s about WHO the chiropractor chooses to BE in interpreting and practicing chiropractic. –

    – The real question is: WHAT are the objective standards of objective straight chiropractors? –

    – It is ALWAYS about the WHO !!! 😉

    • JStraussDC 02/24/2013, 2:30 pm:

      Claude, in the real world where we live (as opposed to the philosophical world where we think), there are all kinds of chiropractic, including but not limited to what the philosophy teaches, what DD said,, what BJ said, what the 50 definitions in the states say, what the ACA,ICA, IFCO says, what Stephenson says, even what NTOSC says .DD and BJ coined he term “mixing” chiropractic when in reality as you say ther is only chiropractic. If you mix it with anything else you have a new entity. Objective straight chiropractic is language of accommodation which enables the reader to understand there is a a difference. I, like you, look forward to the day when everyone understands what chiropractic is and there is no need for descriptive adjectives. Unfortunately, it seems we are going backward in that endeavor, needing more terms rather than less. I appreciate your position that there is onlychiropractic but since our desire is to clearly communicate our message, I Think we often need to acknowledge the different approaches.

      • Claude Lessard 02/25/2013, 1:49 am:


        I get your point. As you said, close to 100 definitions of chiropractic, created by those WHO chose to write them, including the states and provinces of North America, and all the other countries where chiropractic is being practiced. That level of communication creates problems, the solution of which can ONLY be found at a different level.

        – An approach does not change WHAT chiropractic is NOT into WHAT chiropractic IS. This blog is about going deeper into chiropractic philosophy and look at WHAT chiropractic IS. Then it is up to the reader WHO is free to choose to accept or not to accept WHAT chiropractic IS. –

        • Claude Lessard 02/25/2013, 12:29 pm:

          …. to approach something is MOTION from a point of view by WHO choose to take action. It’s ALWAYS about the WHO !!! 😉

    • Don 02/24/2013, 3:51 pm:

      I have heard others refer to OSC. Is there a difference between OSC and NTOSC or are they one in the same?

      • JStraussDC 02/26/2013, 12:42 am:

        Don, In the book Refined by Fire, I first used the term, the objective phase of straight chiropractic. My good friend Mark Romano first called it Objective straight Chiropractic. Some critics said it was not descriptive enough because every chiropractor has an objective, even if it is only to make money. Reggie and others liked non-therapeutic chiropractic better. I just mixed the terms together in order to compromise. Only kidding, to make them clearer. and make everyone happy….fat chance of that. Perhaps as I said to Claude, in an earlier comment, one day we can drop the adjectives (and their abbreviations) and just sayCHIROPRACTIC again, FCOT!

        • Don 02/26/2013, 11:48 pm:

          Thanks Joe.
          What is FCOT?

  2. Richie Barone 02/26/2013, 2:45 pm:

    Joe : That is very wishful thinking….. I know how long have U been in this profession…..

    • JStraussDC 02/27/2013, 2:30 pm:

      Richiae, 45 years but hope springs eternal!

      • Claude 02/27/2013, 4:02 pm:


        In one of your earlier post you wrote: “My observation is the Chiropractic profession diagnoses and treat symptoms and diseases, does nutritional counseling, weight programs, cellulite treatments, permanent make up, manipulation of the spine, extremities, and joints, manipulation under anesthesia, acupuncture, electric stims lift…” –

        – Let us inquire, together without condemnation, WHY this is so and HOW the profession got to be that way. Principle 17 is about cause and effect. The question is: WHAT caused the profession to become as you described above? 1

        • Claude 02/27/2013, 4:04 pm:

          … and this is a trick question! 😉

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